18 Seemingly Ordinary Objects That Actually Hide a Mystery

2 years ago

In movies about kings and princesses, there are often caskets with hidden compartments or jewelry with secrets. But such cute little things can be found not only in ancient castles or films: they can be found in your own kitchen or even on the playground.

At Bright Side, we admire people who’ve managed to find mysterious things and decided to show their finds online.

The only way to put on this necklace is by drawing this sword from its sheath. There is a secret. You need to push a button that’s hidden between 2 dragons.

When this book is closed, you can see stars. But if you curve the front edge, you’ll see a hidden drawing.

“I took apart this lamp from the 1970s that I’ve had forever, and it had a second bulb to light up the bottom!”

“My gel has a secret English translation for the ingredients.”

This belt is built with protection against theft. It’s a modern alternative to having a pocket in your underwear.

This necklace reveals the hidden ability to project the reflected sunlight into a clear image. It has the word “love” hidden on it.

“I create hidden fore-edge paintings. This is my latest within Anne of Green Gables.”

“I thought it was an ordinary compact powder. But it turned out it had a hidden compartment with a mirror and sponge.”

“The hidden ironing board in the house we rented”

In reality, it’s not a tree but a cell tower.

This memo pad transforms into Hogwarts Castle.

“My vintage dress has a small weight sewn into the collar to keep it from flipping over.”

“I found this shark hidden on the hinge of the glove box.”

“This slide at a local park has baby turtles slightly hidden underneath it.”

“I gave my partner a necklace for Christmas. On Valentine’s Day, I opened the secret compartment in the necklace with the engagement ring inside, and I proposed. She said yes!”

“I bet lots of people who sat on it were unaware of its secret.”

“My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase.”

“I bought a package of salad that said on it: ’The gift is inside.’ This is the gift.”

Which item surprised you the most? Maybe you have an item that has a secret too! Show it to us in the comments below.

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