21 Times Logic Was Easily Deafeated With Laziness

2 years ago

Here is a curious fact about laziness and millennials. They are most likely to slack off in the workplace, but one in three claims that they manage to show great results. Despite this fact, there are some workers who are not just lazy but deliver products that are low quality and funny at the same time.

We at Bright Side also can get slack sometimes and would like to share 18 funny results of laziness.

1. “I had ordered chocolate chip pancakes and got regular ones. I asked for the correct order and this is what happened.”

2. “Thinking of an ’I’ animal was too hard.”

3. “Next level fashion”

4. “Put the advert up, boss.”

5. “My boyfriend ordered an egg and cheese bagel.”

6. “I found this in my hotel room.”

7. “In my school”

8. Yes, it’s snshi and ramen.

9. Problem is solved, boss.

10. They broke a violin bow to pack it.

11. “ID cards which way?”

12. “The clock is fixed.”

13. These labels on the heels.

14. “Also, the switch doesn’t work!”

15. “Landlord painted over a penny.”

16. “Our company now has 900 of these pens.”

17. “There are no pipes to the sinks in my school so it just drops water on the floor.”

18. “The floor I work on ordered some sugar and none of the packs were sealed.”

19. “Motel rooms vibes”

20. “Weast!”

21. “You had just one job, traffic cone.”

Which picture did you like the most? Are you a lazy person?


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