15+ People That Found Treasures That Don’t Just Fall Out of the Sky

3 years ago

Everyone wants to buy something valuable and well-made for cheap. But there are some people who are lucky enough to get these things almost for free. Some of them just happened to stop by a thrift store and some spent hours looking for their treasures.

We at Bright Side are a little jealous of how lucky these internet users are who shared their finds online.

  • A guy I know bought a car and wanted to sell it and keep the profit. He washed it and sold it for $2,000. A good friend of his bought it. A short time after that, the friend got into a minor accident, so he had to replace the door. While doing that, he found an envelope with $5,000 in it. © Vitaliy Pavlov / Facebook

  • I often go to second-hand stores and I always invited my friend to come with me, but she never wanted to. And once, she called me all emotional and says, “I got an Armani jacket for $10.” It turned out that she went to meet someone and while she was waiting, she saw a second-hand store. She went in and saw this jacket there. She checked the labels and everything, and it was really Armani. So she bought it. Beginner’s luck, I guess.

  • I collect postcards. Once, I was at a thrift store and bought a whole box of them for super cheap. A card that cost 1 cent, I managed to sell for $10. © Irina Yakovenko / Facebook

  • My husband and I acquired a small Chinese porcelain jar. It sat on top of a cabinet for many years, and just became part of the background in the family room. One day I was dusting and knocked it over. Smashed it up pretty good — and it was stuffed with cash! We had never looked inside. Mostly singles, some fives, tens, and twenties. I figure that a housewife was probably hiding a little spending money from her husband and then one day he or some other family member says, “Eh, we’re never using that thing, let’s sell it for a few bucks.” She pretends nothing happens because then he’d know she was hiding money from him. © Ken Berkun / Quora

  • I remember my father bought a jacket for himself at a thrift store. And inside, there was cash. I don’t remember how much: I was a child. But I remember that my parents were really happy because we were struggling at the time. © Ludmila Skvortsova / Facebook

  • My relatives had a cottage. Once, their neighbor offered to sell them the neighboring piece of land. They refused. The person who bought it decided to renovate the place a little and started digging around in the ground. He found a giant metal thing. He managed to sell it and it earned him 3 times more than he had spent on the renovation. © Dariya Sheveleva / Facebook

  • Around 20 years ago, an acquaintance of mine bought some furniture from a couple. And a couple of months later, the fabric on the couch got torn. She found $ 3,000 inside. It was probably the secret stash of one of the spouses. © Nataliya Zayakina-Gorobets/ Facebook

  • I bought antique photos on eBay for $20. Later, I sold each of them $500 a piece at an auction. I bought one more for $100 and sold it for $1,500. © Yulia Stektser / Facebook

  • I live in Italy. I once bought a cabinet and when I was cleaning it, I found 100 grams of gold jewelry inside. © Liliya Serheyeva / Facebook

  • My sister and I were on vacation and it was a rainy day, so we went to a local thrift store. I found several pairs of really nice vintage earrings. One of them was made by a designer for the series Dynasty, another one was from Yves Saint Laurent, and one more was from Gucci. Every pair was $3. I think their real value is around $100, but I’m not selling them. © Lana Yar / AdMe

  • I work at a thrift store and, once, a woman gave away her old bag to us and another woman bought it very soon afterward. Later, the one that gave away the bag returned and told us that her daughter had left all of her gold inside of it. Someone got very lucky. © Viktoriya Savisko / Facebook

  • When I was a child, I went to an acting class. Once, we were cleaning the props and we had a purse that had a torn lining inside. I took the bag home so that my mom could fix it. We found an envelope with $100 inside. © Julia Kantaria / Facebook

What lucky finds can you tell us about? Share them in the comment section below!


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