15 Examples of Savvy That We Should Take Note of and Share With Friends

2 years ago

We bet you’d agree that people with savvy find this life easier to live. These creative people can find a way out of any situation while finding a solution to various complicated issues — it’s as easy as ABC for them. Oftentimes, their life hacks become popular on the Internet and start to be widely used all over the world, even though they might seem a bit strange at first glance.

We at Bright Side believe that these hacks are worth the attention of our readers.

  • I have a very bad memory of faces. Sometimes I can’t even remember characters in a movie. But I have a life hack for hospitals: when I queue up, I try to memorize a person’s shoes. Their face gets out of my memory quite fast, and they can remove the outer clothes they are wearing, while shoes remain the same most of the time. © Overheard / VK
  • I put my gum inside this pill bottle so people think I’m taking medication and don’t ask for gum. © saumik_h / Reddit

i am now doing that or if you are in a library or public place but trail mix in it

  • I was about 5 or 6 and I wanted one expensive toy. My dad said he would buy it for me if I solved a Rubik’s cube. 10 minutes later, I brought it assembled. Dad was pleasantly shocked, Mom started to say, “Our kid is a genius!” Only I was standing and thinking, “I am so lucky that this cube has colorful stickers that can be re-arranged so that the cube looks assembled.” Of course, my cheating was revealed later, but still, I got the toy for my savvy. © Warheart123 / Pikabu
  • I have poor eyesight, but I don’t wear glasses. Sometimes, when I need to see something in the distance, such as a bus number or price tags on the higher shelves in a store, I use the zoom function on my smartphone camera.
  • When your dog gets loose, don’t chase it; lie down and pretend you’re hurt. © kickypie / Reddit
  • I placed elastic bands on the handles of my scooter. When I’m in the subway, I secure the brakes with the band so that the scooter stands still. Today I went to a store and left my scooter by the wall so that it wouldn’t disturb anyone. 10 minutes later when I went out of the store, my scooter was no longer there. I later found it lying on the ground 60 feet away. Someone wanted to ride on it but failed because when the breaks were pressed, both the front and rear wheels got blocked too. It seems I was lucky that the thief didn’t have much savvy. © gromt / Pikabu
  • I got a message from my boyfriend where he was playfully inviting me to a cafe. Right after, he wrote, “Oops, sorry, it’s not for you — I wanted to send it to my colleague.” Of course, I stopped all my work and rushed to the cafe to catch him red-handed. I come and see him sitting alone, waving to me and saying that I was late. Turns out, he decided to cheat to get me out on a date because we hadn’t seen each other due to work and studies. We had a great time. © Chаmber № 6 / VK
  • I always keep some pepper flakes and seasoning salt in my car. Now even the blandest gas station sandwiches are tasty. © KTAFullOn / Reddit
  • I was traveling along with my colleague. I forgot my iPhone charger at home. I asked my colleague to search for a nearby mobile store to buy a charger. But he took my mobile and went straight inside a nearby hotel. We went to reception. He firmly did a handshake with the manager and introduced himself with a business card. Then he said in a low voice that 2 months back he stayed there and forgot his iPhone’s charger here in the room. Surprisingly, the manager asked his assistant to bring a blue box. That box had approx 15–20 chargers. Guess what? We actually found 3 iPhone chargers in that box and took one after leaving a small tip. © Amar Minhas / Quora
  • My friend and I went to Turkey. The hotel was not expensive and we only took money for souvenirs. My friend went to the shower to wash her hair and broke the plastic shower nozzle. We started to panic because we had no money to pay for the damage, that’s why we rushed to the store. We bought glue and got some hards from a palm tree. We degreased the surface, wrapped the hards on the shower, poured everything with superfix glue, and joined back the broken parts. After our repair, the shower worked perfectly, and it even stopped leaking. We were very proud of ourselves! © Overheard / VK
  • I use my daughter’s popsicles to stir my coffee in the morning. Brings it to a more reasonable drinking temp right away. Clean off and refreeze. © SirDrew007 / Reddit
  • I lost my wallet and got very upset. There was quite a lot of cash in it and the credit card had a lot of funds on it cause I have recently received a payment. I assumed someone stole my wallet. So I went to the bank’s online portal to block the card and to save the money. Suddenly, I see a transfer of $1 and a message: “I found your wallet at the bus stop, call me at this number.”
    The girl returned my wallet when we met with all the cash and cards. I wanted to thank her by giving her some money but she refused. She said she was happy that the owner of the wallet got it back. I was happy! I am glad that there are kind and honest people with good savvy ways of living in this world. © Chamber № 6 / VK
  • When you lose power, you can use empty translucent milk/water jugs to dramatically improve the light output from a flashlight. Works exceptionally well. © prolific_ideas / Reddit

Do you have witty friends? Are you yourself a generator of ingenious ideas?

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