15+ Times a Solution to a Problem Was So Simple We’re Surprised We Missed It

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True ingenuity is something that cannot only save your money and time, but it can also bring more fun into your life and even turn you into a famous person on the internet. But really, why would anyone spend a lot of money on a new windshield when you can turn an old one into an art object, or if you constantly need a ruler, why not to make a tattoo with inches on it?

Bright Side will never get tired of being surprised by the ingenuity of some people. Just have a look at them!

1. “My window cracked, so I fixed it the only way I know how.”

2. “I got my first tattoo. Now a ruler is always with me.”

3. “My dad puts his burrito in a Thermos to keep it warm.”

4. “I keep a whiteboard on my visor.”

5. You can keep earrings organized and visible with a cork coaster.

6. “I put all my daughter’s pants in sideways. They fit much better and she can easily see them all to pick out exactly what she wants.”

7. If you have bananas that you didn’t get to eat before they got overripe, put them in a freezer bag, mash them, and freeze them. You can use this puree for baking things.

8. If you cut a star in your pancakes before you pour the syrup, it will distribute more evenly.

9. Knowing how to make cheat sheets is a good skill.

10. How to save some space in a cart if it’s full:

11. Put a plastic cup on a drill so the dust won’t go everywhere.

12. You can use an old T-shirt as a suitcase cover.

13. As your sponges age, cut the corners off to indicate what they should be used for. No corners cut is for the dishes, one corner cut is for the counters, 2 corners cut is for the bathrooms.

14. The lazy mom life hack: put a baby wipe under each foot and “skate” around with your kids to clean the floor.

15. When you accidentally found a way to spot a liar:

16. Tape a square on the floor. Then scatter cotton balls around the house, especially in dusty places. Then challenge your kid to sweep them into the square. Sit back and watch your floors sparkle.

Do you have any secret hacks that help you overcome obstacles and discomfort?

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Okay the person of number 10 is a pro! What an easy way to keep things organized!


#5 is such a great idea to keep the earing organized! I'm definitely trying it


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