30 Bright Side Readers Shared the Best (and Strangest) Stories of Their Pregnancy

3 years ago

Pregnancy is a unique moment in the life of any woman, and any couple. Therefore, each person experiences it in a different way, and the same situation gives rise to extremely diverse stories and anecdotes. Our readers were encouraged to share some memories of these special moments, from the moment they found out they were pregnant to the strangest cravings they had to cope with for 9 months.

Bright Side would like to share with you all kinds of strange and funny pregnancy anecdotes that our readers told us about.

  • I never had cravings. On the contrary, I had repulsions. During my last pregnancy, I started to be disgusted by tea and the strange thing is that I didn’t get over it after giving birth. To this day I still have an intolerance to tea, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. And it’s been more than 30 years. I stayed that way forever. Carmen González Fuenzalida / Facebook

  • In every pregnancy I had, I suffered from nausea up until the fifth month. I had to throw up almost everything I ate. For example, I couldn’t even stand the smell of meat. One afternoon my sister-in-law came by for a visit with her husband. We were supposed to have a barbecue with pork chops. After eating my third bite, I realized that my revulsion to meat was finally gone. I ended up having 5 pork chops in total and enjoyed them very much. Angélica Castro Larenas / Facebook

  • The funny thing about my first pregnancy was that the whole thing was scheduled for various reasons. On the day I was supposed to deliver the baby I got to the clinic and went to the admitting desk. I then told the secretary that I was coming to the ward to have a scheduled delivery. She entered my name on the computer, looked at the screen, looked back at me, and said: “There is a mistake, what surgery are you coming for?” And I was just standing there trying to figure out how I could make her understand that I was coming there to have my baby. Then the girl said to me: “But are you sure?” And of course, I did not have a big enough belly to support my claim, but I did feel huge." Katherine Andrea Valenzuela Acuña / Facebook

  • My thing was eating ice, I was chewing ice all the time. Sandra Escobedo / Facebook

  • During my pregnancy with twins, I had a crazy urge to eat dirt and, well, I pulled a piece of dirt off from a clay house. I took some of it with me to the school where I was studying back then and a classmate of mine was staring at my brown mouth, and said, “Please share some of that with me”. When he opened the piece of paper, he saw that it was just dirt and he told me, “You’re crazy.” I just had to laugh. Later on, I went to the doctor to ask what was going on and he said that it was normal for that to happen. It turns out that I had an iron deficiency and that’s why I liked the smell and taste of soil so much, hahaha, it’s been 13 years since then. Mily Rojas / Facebook

  • An aunt of mine ate bricks during her 4 pregnancies, she says they tasted delicious. Adriana Saraz / Facebook

  • My thing was smelling Venezuelan gasoline, hahahaha, it couldn’t be Colombian, it had to come from Venezuela. Aniita Estrada / Facebook

  • During my first pregnancy, I craved dulce de leche ice cream with a banana split. It’s too heavy a flavor for my taste normally, but well, I craved it so much that I would walk to the ice cream shop with my 8-month pregnant belly and I would eat a giant cone. As soon as I got some in my mouth, my baby, Máximo would start moving. Can you guess what my son’s favorite ice cream is? We always go to the same ice cream shop and he gobbles them all up with such delight! With my second pregnancy, I was just dying to eat nougat, but my daughter Antonella hates it. Anahi Laura Gaeta Satti / Facebook

  • My husband and I became parents after a long struggle that lasted almost 12 years. Finally, God granted us a beautiful pregnancy. There were so many people who knew our story and every time I told it, someone had to cry tears of joy. We received so much love from friends and family that we hardly had to buy anything. Every craving I had was fulfilled by my husband or someone else — I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more tacos in one sitting! To top it all off, the day my baby was born I got to take a career exam, went to the gynecologist, went to a wedding (ate some cake), and finally gave birth... What a productive day!!! BeRe Glez Barrientos / Facebook

  • When I told my 4-year-old that I was craving some grapes, he ran to the kitchen and after a few minutes came back with a plate full of freshly washed grapes. He told me “they are for you and your baby.” I could just have died of love that day. Mary Pinky / Facebook

  • I was in the delivery room, but I still had time for one last snack. I asked for a strawberry milkshake and they brought me a chocolate milk. It was my last craving, I’ve been thinking about that milkshake for 13 years now. Carolina Carrillo / Facebook

  • During my first pregnancy, I ate up to 2 kg of tangerines per day. Then, during the second one I drank a lot of green juice, it was an inevitable craving, and my baby was born with teeth! Vittoria Patricienne / Facebook

  • I didn’t have weird cravings, but I craved everything. And in my second and third pregnancies, I cried for no reason. One day I was shopping at the butcher’s, I was not yet ready to order, and a lady came in and said: “I just want steak,” so the butcher skipped me and started to help her. I couldn’t help but cry. He said, “What’s wrong with you?” and I said, “Why won’t you take my order!?” I was screaming and crying. They immediately started getting what I ordered, he, his son, and their helper. Then I laughed so hard and the butcher said, “Are you crazy, lady?” It was very funny. Martha Susana Castillo / Facebook

  • Once I was walking with a friend and I told her that I wanted to eat a meat casserole. I was dying for a hearty dish like that, but we were window shopping and went into a shoe store. The lady working there was on her lunch break and she was actually eating some meat casserole! I don’t know what kind of face I gave her, but the lady looked back at me and had to give me her food! I was so happy! It was delicious! Chica M Fj / Facebook

  • During my third pregnancy, I loved to be in shoe stores because I was so anxious to smell the new soles. I would bite them when people were looking away. Sussie Cov / Facebook

  • When I was pregnant for the first time, my due date had already arrived, and I had to get everything ready for the baby to arrive. That same day I had a craving for pizza, I ate a personal size pizza, and then went to pick up some things at a friend’s house. She, who had already had 2 children, started giving me advice about the delivery, like not eating too much at dinner. The next day my water broke and I was like “oops” because of the whole pizza I ate. Yesenia de Gómez / Facebook

  • One day at 2 o’clock in the morning I had a craving for a tuna sandwich (I’d never tried it before). I went out with my husband in the wee hours of the morning and finally found a place where they sold it, but only for lunch. My husband convinced the waitress, and the waitress convinced the chef. My husband left a generous tip, the waitress couldn’t believe we did all that for a tuna sandwich, and I couldn’t believe how good it actually was. Priscila Alonso Garcia / Facebook

  • In my pregnancy, I got a severe case of what can only be known as “dog nose.” I could sense smells that I had never noticed in my house before. I also cried once because my husband ate a piece of my sandwich. Jessica Patiño / Facebook

  • When I was pregnant with my first child, I worked as a secretary in an office. One day someone I worked with told me that a colleague’s birthday would be celebrated at 6:30 AM on Saturday, before going to work. I didn’t feel like going at all, because I didn’t want to get up early, so I reluctantly bought him a gift and went, grumbling the whole way. My partner kept telling me to not be upset about it. When we got to the place, it was decorated, but no one was there and I got even more annoyed. Then suddenly all my coworkers and my boss showed up and yelled “surprise!” They had arranged a surprise baby shower for me. I felt so bad afterward because of my attitude... I learned my lesson: never resent people for doing something that could potentially be for you. Dania Galicia Lopez / Facebook

  • In my first pregnancy (I didn’t know I was pregnant yet), I ate a whole watermelon by myself. I looked like a growling puppy dog when someone asked me for a piece. Then I threw it up everywhere and that’s when we realized I was pregnant. Rosana Garcia / Facebook

  • I was craving petit Suisse cheese for months. One day, when I was 6 months pregnant, I went into a store to accompany a friend of mine and I saw some in a cooler. I told my friend: “I would eat 20 of these right now.” And the owner of the store heard me say that so he gave me a pack of 6 so I could get rid of my craving. Thanks to my craving, I got them for free. Eli A Secas / Facebook

  • Right after my baby shower was over, I went into labor. Aida Islas / Facebook

  • The day my water broke in my sleep, I told my husband that it was nothing because I just wanted him to let me sleep a little longer. Sol Medina / Facebook

  • I didn’t have any food cravings, but I couldn’t listen to anything other than Los Ángeles Azules because I felt so bad, so I spent 9 full months listening to cumbia. Galia Bodenstedt / Facebook

And you, what anecdotes do you have from your pregnancy? Do you remember the funniest moment? And the strangest craving?

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