15 People Shared What Was the Funniest Thing a Doctor Ever Said to Them and We Couldn’t Laugh Harder

5 months ago

In the world of medicine, where seriousness and compassion often take center stage, some moments can bring us unexpected laughter. Today, we’ve gathered 15 individuals who found themselves at the receiving end of not just medical advice, but also a hearty dose of humor. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey into the comical world of doctor-patient interactions, where laughter echoes in the hallways of healing.

  • “Had a nasty throat and tonsil infection and went to the doctor, who looked in my throat and went ’Ewww that looks gross!’ I said, ’Is that your professional opinion?’ and he said, ’Yep! That’s the grossest thing I’ve seen in weeks! Eww!’” wanderingstorm / Reddit
  • “’All right, this is the part where I’m just going to google it and we both pretend I’m not.’” justhangingaroud / Reddit
  • “Post exploratory biopsy following a weird MRI. ’Well, you’re a mutant, but your superpower is dumb.’ I grew an accessory spleen.” BonelessMegaBat / Reddit
  • “I smashed my left pinky toe into a door frame, hurt like a mother. Went and got it X-rayed and yep, fractured. A month later I’m at a routine podiatrist visit and my toe is swollen, purple and the toenail is black. I’m explaining to the doctor that I fractured it.
    He looks closely at my mangled little piggy and says seriously, ’Yeah, you’re going to lose that toe.’ What??!!! In about 3 seconds I went through the shock of losing a toe, acceptance of losing a toe, and determination to continue living without a toe when the doctor said... ’Sorry, I mean toeNAIL. You’re going to lose that toenail.’ Gah!” DadsRGR8 / Reddit
  • “My husband had an enormous inguinal hernia. When his doctor saw it, he actually dropped his professionalism and blurred out, ’Oh my god, what is that??’ Which is funny now, but at the time was a little bit disconcerting.” SoldMySoulForHairDye / Reddit
  • “I basically woke myself up from a coma and pulled out my breathing tube. The doctor later apparently wanted to check if I damaged my vocal cords (which can happen if you just yank the tube out). He checked if I was still awake and asked ’Can you say something?’ and I replied ’Something.’ He groaned and replied, ’Well, at least the humor is still functioning.’” SkaveRat / Reddit
  • “I asked my doctor what could cause the ridges on my fingernails. ’Eating Ruffles.’” Shelikestheb***s / Reddit
  • “My wife and I had our child late in life, and knew we were going to be one and done, so a vasectomy was gonna happen. Where I live, you need a doctor’s referral to get one. Coincidentally, my appointment to get said referral was the same week that I started my paternal leave. At my appointment, the doctor walks into the room and says ’You’ve been on pat leave for 2 days, and you already want a vasectomy!?!’” phil_in_t_blank / Reddit
  • “My midwife was wrist deep inside me doing a difficult cervical check when she suddenly goes ’Hey! Your socks match!’ At the time I had too many patterned socks to keep track of, so I usually had mismatched socks at my appointments, so when I had a matching pair for once she noticed during the most awkward moment ever.” rahyveshachr / Reddit
  • “I was in the middle of getting a gyno exam, the Doc asked what type of birth control I used. I said, ’I’m lesbian.’ Doc says, ’That has proven to be effective.’” Smart-Cry9039 / Reddit
  • “I went to a podiatrist (foot doctor) about a nail issue. I was lying down on the exam bed as he was looking at my foot. He said, ‘You have a really flat foot!’ I looked up from the bed and asked what he said, as I didn’t hear him clearly. He proceeded to lift my foot by the ankle and said, ’Your foot, it’s very flat!’ And then proceeds to HIGH FIVE my foot to prove it.” babybiancadelrio / Reddit
  • “I was looking to get a breast reduction and the plastic surgeon lifted up my breast and dropped it, looked at me, and said ’Yeah they’re heavy.’” nope123ee / Reddit
  • “Went in for an MRI. Doc says, ’Well, the good news is you can finally prove the haters wrong and that you really do have a brain. Here’s the proof!’ Then hands me a CDROM with the imaging.” firestorm_v1 / Reddit
  • “While giving me a gynecological exam, my very gay male doctor quietly said, ’I just don’t see the attraction.’ I laughed so hard, the exam was the easiest I have ever had.” Adventurous-Zebra-64 / Reddit
  • “I went inside the office and this is how it went:
    Doc: ’So how are you today?’
    Me: ’I’m fine.’
    Doc: ’Then why are you here?’” plsgibfood / Reddit

These 16 shared moments serve as a reminder that a well-timed joke from a doctor can go beyond the clinical environment, creating memorable and heartwarming connections between healthcare providers and patients. As we reflect on these amusing encounters, it becomes clear that humor has the remarkable power to not only alleviate physical pains but also uplift spirits.

Preview photo credit DadsRGR8 / Reddit


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