My In-Laws Begged Me to Get Back to Their Son, but I Told Them the Embarrassing Truth About Him

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A woman, 35, can’t believe that her husband wants her to come back to him after a painful split that she went through. And he didn’t even come to ask her, but the visit was paid by his parents. Our protagonist appeared to be on the crossroads, when she had to make a painful decision and tell the unsuspecting parents about what kind of a person they had brought up. The woman wrote us a letter where she poured her heart out and asked our readers for a piece of advice regarding the difficult situation she appeared to be in.

Everything went wrong in a relationship a long time ago, but Anna didn’t give up on it.

Anna, 35, wrote us a letter and told us a story that touched a chord in our souls and made us feel for her so much. The woman wanted opinions and advice from our readers, because she’s feeling guilty at the moment, though she hasn’t done anything bad and didn’t harm anyone, except for her husband’s parents, who were unaware of her family situation.

The woman opened her letter, saying, “My husband of 10 years, Nick, has had this female ’friend’ that always made my life uneasy. She never respected boundaries, and when Nick and I first started dating, she told everyone I was with him for his wealth. Nick earns significantly more than I do, but he never gave me any money. We used to split the bills equally, and we both bought food. I took care of food for our 5-month-old baby and I paid for all needs of my oldest child, who is from my previous marriage.”

“Over the past 8 years, I have experienced this ’friend’ spreading rumors and being totally disrespectful. I confronted Nick about it, and he said that were ’petty ladies’ issues’. He never wanted to set boundaries, and I had to set this woman straight a couple of times myself.”

Things were getting worse and worse in the family.

Anna goes on with her story, saying, “Recently, the rumor campaign of this ’friend’ started all over again. Nick and I bought a house. This vile lady told everyone that I didn’t invest a cent in our new home. I had to confront her immediately, and I literally yelled at her, asking her not to poke her nose in our private matters. The lady called Nick and told him I was rude to her, he was upset.”

“My husband came home totally stressed and anxious. I asked him if he was okay, and he refused to talk. Later on that night, when the kids went to bed, and I pushed him to the conversation, he told me that he had a moment of weakness with this gossiping ’friend’, and now she was pregnant, and he didn’t want to lose his family.”

Anna added, “I was dumbfounded, I felt broken and betrayed, and I began to cry. Nick kept saying how sorry he was and how he didn’t want to lose his family. I didn’t say anything, but just went to my toddler’s room and locked the door.”

The breakup was painful but quick.

Anna revealed, “The next morning, I asked for some time off at my work. I then took the kids and went to my father’s house. I explained everything to my dad, and he was upset. Nick came home and didn’t find me there, so he blew up my phone, but I blocked him.
Last afternoon, my in-laws showed up at my father’s home. They were literally begging me to go back home and end this ’totally unnecessary and stupid disagreement.’ I was so stressed and shocked that I yelled that they raised a real monster, and his mother went really pale at that very moment.”

“His parents were shocked, because they believed that our relationship was just going through some crisis and nothing more. They always believed that their son treated me really well and that I just didn’t know what else I could demand from him.
They then asked me to explain. I took a pause and told them that their son was a liar, a cheater and a person who made my life unbearable, that he didn’t value his family and even a baby didn’t really become the reason for him to stop cheating and lying. His mom was visibly upset, and his dad just left without saying a word, but later he called me and said he would handle everything.”

The things in the family have gotten absolutely unhealthy.

Anna revealed, “I know that my MIL has issues with her heart and that she has to be protected from any bad news. I also know that my FIL will make my husband’s life a hell after he found out everything he did to me. My husband has been calling me from different numbers since then, and he blames me of everything, he said I shouldn’t have told his parents about his affair. He said that would kill them and his relationship with them, too.”

“I feel guilty of this, and I think that we could’ve divorced without saying a word to his parents, without this unnecessary explanations. But at the same time, I can’t bear this burden anymore, and I obviously needed to explain to his parents why I wouldn’t get back to their son for anything in the world. I’m torn by my emotions. What would you do?”

And here’s yet another shocking revelation, that was made by a woman, who found tampons in her husband’s car. She thought he was cheating, but the truth turned out to be even more painful and shocking for the desperate wife.

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