My Husband Ordered Me to Stop Breastfeeding Our Baby Because of My Sister-in-Law

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2 months ago

Parenting comes with its share of challenges, particularly when external influences impact the decisions you make. Recently, a woman found herself in a disagreement with her husband due to her sister-in-law’s interference with her parenting choices. This clash between personal autonomy and familial expectations led her to reach out to Bright Side for advice on navigating this delicate situation and finding a solution.

So, instead of coming to you herself & talking about her insecurities she goes piddling in your husbands ear.
If my husband had “Ordered” me to stop breastfeeding to make someone else feel comfortable he And his Sister would have been leaving to stay in a hotel with their ears ringing.
His sister is a GUEST & has no right to make any demands.
If she doesn’t like it she can get out & if your husband is going to continue to be passive aggressive & punish you for standing your ground HE can get out too.


Tell your sister-in-law that if she feels uncomfortable with you breastfeeding YOUR baby in YOUR house, she can go to a hotel and stay there. No one has forced her to stay with you, it seems that the sister-in-law is stingy and does not want to pay for hotel accommodation. I assume that she lives with you for free and pays nothing, not even for food etc. You don't look a given horse in the mouth.. If it doesn't suit, there are hotels etc.


Hey Monica, thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear about the challenges you’re facing. We’re here to offer some tips that we hope can be of assistance to you.

Set boundaries while maintaining empathy.

Acknowledge your sister-in-law’s struggle with infertility and express sympathy towards her feelings. However, firmly assert your right to breastfeed in your own home, reassuring her that you’re not trying to make her uncomfortable but simply tending to your baby’s needs. Offer compromises, such as suggesting designated breastfeeding times or areas to alleviate any discomfort.

Communication is key in resolving conflicts.

Sit down with your husband and sister-in-law separately to express your perspective calmly and openly. Explain the importance of breastfeeding for your baby’s health and well-being, emphasizing that it’s a natural and necessary aspect of parenting. Encourage them to share their feelings and concerns as well, fostering understanding and empathy.

Prioritize self-care and well-being.

Parenthood can be overwhelming, especially when faced with conflicts like this. Take time to prioritize your own mental and emotional health, as well as your baby’s needs. Remember that it’s okay to set boundaries and advocate for yourself, even in challenging situations. Additionally, reaching out to supportive friends or joining online parenting communities can provide valuable solidarity and advice during difficult times.

Seek external support and guidance.

Consider involving a neutral third party, such as a counselor or mediator, to facilitate a constructive conversation between you, your husband, and your sister-in-law. A professional can provide valuable insights and help navigate sensitive topics, fostering a more harmonious resolution for everyone involved. This can help create a safe and supportive environment for open dialogue, allowing each party to express their concerns and perspectives without feeling judged or invalidated.

Explore alternative solutions to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Brainstorm creative solutions with your husband and sister-in-law to find a compromise that respects both your right to breastfeed and your sister-in-law’s comfort. This could involve offering privacy screens, using nursing covers, or scheduling outings during breastfeeding times. By working together, you can find a solution that honors everyone’s feelings and needs.

Recently, another woman turned to Bright Side for support while navigating a challenging situation with her sister-in-law, who believes she is unworthy of being a mother. Read the letter here.

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