An Entitled Neighbor Suddenly Wants a Copy of My Grandma’s Will and Even More

2 months ago

A desperate man came to Reddit with a story that provoked a massive outburst in the comments. He told that their family went through 2 major losses in a short period of time. And when it seemed that there’s nothing that could add to their sorrow, a next-door neighbor showed up and started producing shocking claims. He wanted a copy of the man’s grandma’s will, and his appetites were only growing bigger.

The OP’s family has recently had a big loss.

A man took to Reddit, telling his story, and he didn’t even try to hide his emotions. He started his post, saying that he recently lost his grandmother. She was diagnosed with cancer, she opted for no treatment. She had watched her husband go through chemo, radiation and surgery, and he was miserable the whole time.

She didn’t want that for herself. Her family supported her. Over the next year, she gifted items to family and friends; told all members of her family to write their names on the things they want, take what they wanted, etc.

There were conditions: No, you can’t have that, it’s a family heirloom meant to go to Aunt and her kids; or to Dad and his kids. The whole family knew what those items were and who they were going to, so that was easily settled after she died.

After a big loss, another one was on their doorstep.

The man wrote, “The house was inherited by my father, who very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away two weeks later. I inherited the house at that point.”

The family hasn’t fully recovered from their grief, when an appalling case happened to them. The man described it, writing, “The next door neighbor (we’ll call him Todd) came over several times, upset that he and his kids (21F, 19M) weren’t invited to Grandma’s funeral (there wasn’t one, we were all too busy reeling from my father’s death), weren’t presented with a copy of the will (it only included family members) and he KNEW Grandma loved his kids like her own.”

The OP then clarified that, in fact, his grandma didn’t love the neighbor’s kids. She complained about them coming over all the time, stealing her water to fill their pool, and she had to tell them to stop calling her Grandma. Their neighbor wanted to know if the OP would allow his kids to go through the house to see if there was anything they’d like to take to remember her by.

The neighbor’s claims and wishes were simply impudent.

The OP continues, saying, “I thought he was awfully rude, but I offered to let them go through the boxes I had packed that I was planning to donate, and he was offended!! I mean, mortified!! He said his daughter and son had their hearts set on some items that were family heirlooms, and I literally laughed at him.

I explained they were family heirlooms and would be staying with me, and two of the items had already gone home with my brother. He said, ’My kids were her family and she would have gifted those to them. They should have been included along with everyone else when everything was divided up.’”

OP mentioned that none of them knew this guy or his kids other than “the neighbors next door”. They were never at any family gatherings that were held at their house, and the only time he ever heard grandma talk about them was when she was complaining about them. Especially when she caught them using BOTH her hoses to fill up their pool and then came over complaining because she had put locks on the outdoor faucets!

The OP couldn’t believe that such things might even happen to them.

In the end of their post, the man made some additional clarifications about the whole story. He wrote that this happened a little over 10 years ago. They were all prepared for Grandma’s passing and while they were sad, his dad’s passing was unexpected and absolutely devastating.

Todd brought up the subject three times in the year he lived next door, all within about 2 weeks. This particular incident was the end of it. The first two times were eyebrow raising hints where the OP walked away not really sure if he was interpreting his words correctly.

This time he was brazenly clear and when the OP laughed and told him he couldn’t have the items he listed, he never brought it up again. Luckily, Todd’s house was in foreclosure and he moved away about a year later.

And here’re 13 stories from people who have such neighbors that they wouldn’t wish even for their enemies to have them.


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