I Discovered My Wife’s Secret Savings, She Says I Don’t Have Right to «Her» Money

3 months ago

We might believe we know our spouse well, only to have our entire reality shattered by a single revelation. This was the case for Jim, who discovered a secret bank account belonging to his wife. Following a confrontation, a heated argument ensued, and matters escalated. Seeking guidance, Jim shared his story with us.

This is Jim’s letter.

Seek legal advice.

Given the complexity of the situation and the potential division of assets, it might be wise to consult with a family law attorney. They can provide guidance on the legal implications of dividing the assets, including any rights you may have to a portion of the business’s profits.

Understanding your legal rights and options can empower you to make informed decisions and navigate the situation with clarity.

Explore couples therapy.

Consider enrolling in couples therapy to address the underlying issues of trust and communication. A skilled therapist can facilitate constructive dialogue, help identify underlying concerns, and guide you both toward rebuilding trust and understanding.

Through therapy, you can develop healthier communication patterns and strategies for resolving conflicts, strengthening your relationship in the process.

Establish financial boundaries.

Sit down with your wife to establish clear financial boundaries and expectations. Discuss how finances will be managed moving forward, including transparency about income, expenses, and savings goals.

By openly communicating and setting mutual financial agreements, you can foster trust and minimize future misunderstandings regarding money matters.

Reevaluate support dynamics.

IIt sounds like you haven't been including your wife in financial discussion and decision... it sounds like she would have placed a limit on what you would be giving your sister.

So now she has protected herself, her kids and their future by coming up with her own income. Good for her!

She is being a good planner and a good provider. You should be thanking her for helping with your family's financial future.

It is your choice if you want to be part of her future and family. Sounds like you have a harsher attitude towards her making money that is warranted.


Take a step back to reassess your role in supporting your sister’s family, Jim. While your commitment to helping them is commendable, it’s essential to prioritize your marriage and address any concerns your wife may have about the allocation of resources.

Explore alternative ways to support your sister’s family while respecting your wife’s boundaries and financial priorities, ensuring a balanced approach that nurtures both relationships.

Money and financial matters can often create significant tension within a couple. Barbara, another Bright Side reader, reached out seeking advice after discovering that her husband had been secretly providing money to his sister.

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