15 Photos and Stories That Prove Laziness Can Be a Good Lifestyle

2 years ago

Many of us work day and night, running around in circles. But some people realized that working too hard doesn’t really change much in our life. And it’s unlikely that they are going to step aside from their views even though everyone around calls them lazy.

At Bright Side, we don’t mind relaxing and lazying about sometimes, but we are inferior to these people and animals who have taken this matter to new heights.

Oops, it seems someone threw out last year’s Christmas tree.

When you’re not in the Christmas mood and just want to lie on the radiator in the same way, let the paws down and do nothing.

“It’s lazy and cheap but filling.”

Is being a homemaker lazy?

  • My girlfriend and I had been dating for just over 3 years and I proposed last month. Right before the wedding, my fiancée asked if I would be alright with her being a stay-at-home wife. I said that I’m not comfortable with that idea and don’t want to be the sole breadwinner. I want a partner in life, not a dependant doing nothing productive with their days. She got really upset at that, and went to her mother’s and said, “We’ll talk more when you calm down.” Am I really wrong? © lazy-fiancee / Reddit

“This shortcut symbolizes human laziness (yes, I use it).”

“This will do.”

“Happy 2202, everyone?!”

“We are too lazy to cook every day but not too lazy to cook everything in a day.”

“I left my Christmas lights up. Laziness paid off for once.”

“My roommate has hit new peaks of laziness.”

This is a true role model of laziness.

“I’m too lazy to run upstairs to drop these in a chest, I present my books and bones piles in the computer game.”

When you’re too lazy to type:

How to make yourself clean up at home

  • After a few hours of cleaning, I can now sit down and share my secret that made me forget about my laziness this morning. This secret is a powerful cool white daylight bulb. After you switch it on, you can see the dust on the floor and start vacuuming. Then you see that the vacuum cleaner hasn’t sucked in all the dust, and you start washing the floor. Then you get amazed with the amount of dust on the table, computer, shelves, and window sill, which you’ve never noticed before but now is perfectly highlighted by the bulb. This is how lazy people change their ways. © drumaha / Pikabu

When you’re lazy to move but the food in the bowl can’t be left unattended:

Do you like to laze about, or is it not your style? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit lazy-fiancee / Reddit


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