My Evil Stepmother Wants to Take My Baby Away From Me, and Her Reasoning Behind It Makes Me Mad

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5 months ago

A woman, 29, turned to Reddit and made a post that sounded like a cry from the heart. Her stepmother decided that she can easily take the woman’s baby daughter from her. The evil woman is slowly turning our heroine’s life into a nightmare.

The woman’s relationship with her dad and stepmother is very complicated.

A woman, who went under a nickname Ashamed-Leg7206, has recently made a post to one of the Reddit communities and told her very complex story. She started her post with some background, telling that she’s 29 and she’s English. The woman now lives in Italy with her fiancé, named Marco, who’s 37 and who comes from Italy. She also has a little daughter, Willow, who’s 5 months old. The woman detailed that she moved to Italy after graduating medical school, where she met Marco, and now she’s a resident in one of the hospitals.

She continues her story, speaking about the rest of her family. The woman confessed that her father is a bad dad. He left her mum and her and has been very inconsistent. The man then married Tammy, the OP’s stepmother, when she was young, and she has never liked her. Tammy was also never able to have kids.

So when the OP gave birth, her mother’s side of the family came over to visit and meet Willow and look after both of them. Nothing was from the woman’s dad or Tammy.

The stepmother dropped a bombshell when she finally decided to visit.

The woman goes on with her story, saying that one day, Tammy and dad still visited them. She explained, “So two weeks ago they turn up unannounced claiming to be ‘in the area on holiday’ and wanted to meet Willow. She was getting a bit fussy, and she was combination fed, but as I was home I grabbed a cover and let her latch onto me.”

The woman’s stepmother appeared to have come with a very evil thing in mind, and she declared about it like it was something normal. The OP wrote, “Tammy says the breastfeeding will have to stop soon, I’m confused and ask her why, and she said it couldn’t be kept up when Willow is with them. Now I’m even more confused and I ask what is she on about. She shows me photos of a baby room and says that we should split custody of Willow and not to worry, and she has everything set up already.”

The reasoning behind the stepmother’s intentions was just insane.

The OP goes on, saying, “I just stare at her, but she carries on. Claiming that the age gap between myself and Marco is unhealthy for a child to grow up with, saying it was obvious I needed help, and she was happy to, and mostly that I was obviously more bothered about working than staying home with my baby, so I should just let her have Willow. But obviously she wasn’t able to breastfeed, so we would have to stop that now.”

“I tell her she can’t be serious and think I’m giving her my baby, and she tells me to calm down, she’s not asking for full custody, but she could provide a much calmer and stabler home and that I could always visit. She said it’s what she deserves.”

The reaction of the new parents was totally predictable.

The woman said that her husband-to-be, Marco, pushed everyone out and made sure Willow and she were alright. Since then, the OP has been really weirded out and been getting texts from her father saying she needs to let Tammy prove herself as a good caregiver. Tammy, in her turn, has been sending loads of photos of the nursery she has made.

The woman also added that she’s in Italy, but Tammy isn’t. They had flown over here. And while trying to explain her dad’s weird behavior, she mentioned that her dad isn’t actually on her birth certificate, so she thinks that limits his ‘grandparent’s rights’ claim. Her mum is their nominated guardian for Willow if anything happens to them, and the woman revealed it’s written in a will. Willow goes to the daycare in the hospital they both work at.

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