14 Photos That Show Such Great Transformations, Even Hogwarts Would Be Amazed

2 years ago

Any new activity, whether it be losing weight or starting a hobby, seems interesting at the beginning. But the difficulties that we encounter on the way often cause us to want to give up. At such moments, all we need to do is look back and see how long the way we’ve come is. That’s why it’s useful to take photos of the many stages of a journey, the way the characters of our compilation did.

We at Bright Side adore photos where the authors managed to capture the progress they made.

“Age 11 on the left, age 29 on the right — for some reason, I wore this visor every day of sixth grade.”

  • A change from what looks like a husky teenage boy to a very pretty young lady! Well done! © 5krunner / Reddit

“My son has grown in height between 58 mm and 62 mm consistently every year from ages 3 to 9.”

“I went from ’ET with hair’ to ’living babydoll’ in 6 months.”

“Decided to use a hard year of my life as an opportunity to rebuild myself into a whole new person.”

“The difference between 19 and 24”

“I went to go buy a duck but ended up saving him instead.”

“Had some fun with a weird hairstyle. It’s great to have options, especially after being almost hairless for quite a few years!”

“Tiles before and after I bleached them”

“5 years of braces and 1 jaw surgery later”

“Age 23 in the left photo, age 36 in the right photo, radical acceptance — inside and out”

“My garage wall when I bought my house in 2016 to now”

“14 to 17”

“The before and after on my wife’s and my project car”

“2 years apart, just an entirely different lifestyle — I’m half the person I once was.”

Which activity can you boast incredible progress at?

Preview photo credit virgggo / Reddit


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