15 People Who Deserve to Be Called the Winners of Transformation

9 months ago

Life does not stand still and things change every day. At first, they don’t seem huge, but if you compare the same things with a difference of a few years, the progress becomes obvious. Some people put in time and effort and achieve amazing results.

“A little progress every day leads to big results! My embroidery from 2016 vs 2020.”

“After 31 years of chronic nail-biting, I finally kicked the habit.”

“I lost 78 pounds in 2.5 years. It’s crazy, I don’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I look at side-by-side pics.”

Something in between is good. Slight too skinny to the right. But good job ^^


“The first cat I made vs The one I made one year later”

“My dog Viking and my beard grew in 2 years.”

“My first works vs My recent ones”

“The first dress I made and the one I’m not ashamed to wear in public.”

Love the first one too. Well done as a first sewing project :) Looking vibrant on the right one :)


“My 5-year-progress”

“Renovated my house on wheels.”

“Had braces for 2.5 years! I cried when I saw how straight my teeth are.”

“My bakery progress”

“My self-portrait at 5, 21, and 24.”

“My first and my fifth attempt at making macaroons.”

“I grew hair for 4 years.”

“A different kind of progress pic. I’ve had bad teeth most of my life, this has given me so much more confidence!”

To wrap it up, these pictures really show what progress means. They remind us how we’re always trying to make things better. Looking at these photos, we can see that progress is something we all work towards, step by step.

Preview photo credit joifullnoyses / Reddit


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