We Lost Our Daughter Due to My MIL’s Negligence, Now She Wants to Be Around Our Second Child

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5 months ago

A woman came to Reddit with her heart-wrenching story, that got many reactions from the users. The heartbroken mother recently lost her daughter, and the main reason of the accident was her MIL’s negligence. Now, the woman is even more desperate, because the situation in her family and her relationship with her MIL took an even more dramatic turn.

A woman told her painful story.

A woman came to one of the Reddit’s communities to share her extremely heartbreaking story and the consequences of it that she’s currently going through.

She started her post saying that her MIL was guilty in the passing of her grandchild, the woman’s daughter. The woman wrote, “She was 2 years old at the time and my husband and me, we let MIL babysit her while we were busy with job-related things. It was summertime, and they were staying in MIL’s house that has a pond next to it. My daughter loved water, bath time was her favorite time of day.”

The woman goes on with the story, revealing the details of the tragedy, writing, “They were playing at the edge of the pond and then MIL remembered she had to take clothes out of the dryer, and she left a 2-year-old alone next to the quite large body of water. My daughter’s childlike curiosity plus her love for water resulted in her getting into the deep part of the pond and drowning. All because MIL considered clothes in the dryer an important enough reason to leave a toddler unsupervised.”

The things in the family got really bad.

The woman goes on with her story, saying that later her MIL realized what has happened, and she started to panic and call for help. Her neighbor heard her, they got into the pond and called an ambulance, but it was too late.

The OP doesn’t hold her emotions while speaking about her loss. She says, “Imagine what it’s like for a parent to come to the person you trusted your child with, and they tell you your child is dead. And MIL was begging us not to involve police into this, she kept repeating it was an accident and she ’doesn’t know how it could have happened,’ ’was only gone for a moment,’ ’feels even worse than we do’ and ’calling the police won’t bring her back.’ ”

The woman revealed that they did call the police, and her MIL was put in prison.

The family hardly recovered from their loss, when they had to deal with one more incident.

The woman goes on with her post, revealing that recently her MIL was released from prison and her husband was the first person she looked for contact with. He never once visited his mother while she was imprisoned. The woman explained, “Unintentionally, but she did cause the death of our child by neglecting her duties as a babysitter. Doesn’t matter that she served her sentence, neither I nor my husband will ever forgive her for this.”

The woman’s MIL behaved in a very heartless way. The OP recalls, “Neither has she asked for forgiveness, all she gave us were excuses and more excuses. In the courtroom, my husband told her she’s not his mother anymore, that she’s dead to him and that he never wants to see her face again.”

And this all took a toll on their family, too. The woman writes, “Our marriage was damaged too, we were depressed, we fought a lot, there were times when we were on the brink of divorce. We separated for a while, I left for another country thinking that this is it for us, however, my husband came to look for me, and we managed to save our family and continue our life together.”

The light has finally come to the family.

The woman revealed, “I couldn’t bring myself to have any more children for a long time but eventually, I got pregnant again and last summer we welcomed our son, he’s 9 months old now. Obviously, we weren’t going to tell MIL we’re parents again, but she saw us walking with a baby stroller and realized that once more she has a grandchild.”

And then, to their surprise, the woman asked for an impossible thing. The OP wrote, “So she tried to get in the contact with my husband. First, she reproached him for not visiting her, cried about how hard it was for her to spend all those years behind bars, that she shouldn’t have been in the prison because she’s too old for that, how could he do this to his own mother, how could he abandon her. Then she was like, ’But I saw you have a new baby, I’m so glad I have a grandchild again!’ And then she went on about is it a boy or a girl, when will she be able to see them and meet them because she wants to take care of them so much.”

The persistent woman doesn’t want to leave the family alone.

The woman wrote, “So my husband told her firmly that she’ll have no access to the baby, and he doesn’t want to talk to her either, so now that she’s out of the prison, she should do something useful with her life and leave us alone. MIL wasn’t having it. That evening, she came to our house, asking to see her grandchild again. We didn’t let her come in, obviously, and MIL got mad, claiming that as a grandmother, she has rights to meet her grandchild. We told her that she lost all her rights to our children when she let our daughter drown. If a trust is broken, it cannot be repaired, and there are some things that just cannot be forgiven.”

The woman went even further, and started threatening the spouses. The OP said, “MIL then told us that she’ll go to court, and she’ll demand legal permission to meet the baby. I’m not sure if there is such a thing, but if it’s true, I highly doubt she’ll get it considering her criminal record. If we need to go to court and prove she’s not the type of grandmother you should let around your child, we’ll do it. If she comes back again, we’ll call the police. If we need to leave this country and go live somewhere else just to be away from her, we’ll do it, too. Nothing’s impossible.”

The woman ends her post, saying, “I’m amazed at the shamelessness of hers. She knows very well she tore apart our lives 3 years ago. No parent should bury their child, but we had to because of her, and now she comes to us as if she’s the best relative ever, as if nothing ever happened.”

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