I Stopped Talking to My Sister After She Told Me the Name of Her Baby

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Our reader dreamt of the perfect name for her future kid, only to have it snatched up by someone close to her. Sibling rivalry can strike in the most unexpected places, even when it comes to baby names. Now our reader is feeling hurt after her sister used the name she’d always loved for her own daughter.

Our reader reached out to us.

Thanks for reaching out! We understand you’re feeling hurt, and we’d like to offer some tips that might help.

Give yourself some time.

It’s perfectly normal to feel disappointed or even a little hurt. You’ve likely had this name picked out for a long time, and it can be upsetting when someone else uses it.

Holding onto anger will only hurt you in the long run. Try to forgive your sister and move forward. A baby’s name is important, but the most important thing is the love and support of your family. Don’t let this overshadow the joy of your niece’s arrival.

Focus on the positive.

Try shifting your mindset. Maybe your sister using the name frees you up to discover an even more perfect name for your future child. While Victoria might have held a special place in your heart, consider this an opportunity to explore other names you love. There are countless beautiful options out there!

Talk to your sister.

Instead of shutting her out, try having a calm conversation with your sister. Explain how much the name meant to you and why you’re feeling hurt.

Don’t try to talk to her when she’s overwhelmed with caring for a newborn. Wait for a calmer moment when you can both have a focused conversation. Listen to why your sister chose the name Victoria. Maybe it has special meaning for her as well.

Try to find other names.

The world is full of beautiful names! Explore names from different cultures and languages that resonate with you.

Many websites and apps allow you to filter by origin, meaning, popularity, and even style (classic, modern, unique). Additionally, look back at your family tree for inspiration. Maybe there’s a beautiful name from a past generation you could use or adapt as a middle name.

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