12 People Who Discovered a Creepy Reality About Their Close Friend

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Our perception of friends can be shattered when unexpected truths come to light, as showcased in these astonishing revelations. These discoveries have the potential to reshape friendships indefinitely.

  • I worked at a coffee shop with a woman who was considerably older than me. She's the loveliest, kindest, and friendliest person I've met, and she was sort of a motherly figure to me. I don't know how this came up in conversation, but one day she told me she cheats on her husband with her ex-husband every chance she gets. I just don't know how to feel about that.
    © Legendairybrew / Reddit
  • Three of my female friends and I decided to visit one of our friends' grandparents for a week together this past summer. We all slept in the same room, which was unbearably hot. The next day, while we were at a park taking photos, I asked to see one of my friend's phones to view the pictures she had taken. As I scrolled through, I unexpectedly came across about five photos of myself sleeping in my underwear from the previous night. © unicornslayer03 / Reddit
  • A friend I hadn't known for long at the time told me to Google his name. When I did, a news article came up saying how he'd stolen thousands of dollars worth of wiring from train tracks, caused nearly half a million dollars worth of damage, and messed with the city's entire public transport system. Very interesting dude. Found out a lot of surprising things about him.
    © discoier / Reddit
  • I was digging through my friend's desk for some paper, and the first sheet was a tally score of how many times he has hung out with his girlfriend. The large number of tally marks made it even creepier. © ilikesharks / Reddit
  • I had a friend who had many friends outside of school. People would always call him and ask him to hang out every day. It turns out he had an app that would fake call you with the names you put in. He would have actual conversations on the phone (with no one on the other side, obviously). He felt that having no friends or girlfriends outside of school was embarrassing. © KingAltay / Reddit
  • There was this insanely attractive girl in my high school that all my friends liked. My friend was her next-door neighbor. Went to his house one day, and he asked me if I wanted to watch her family eat dinner. It turns out that he would sneak up to their windows every night and just watch them eat. © FreeFormJazz2 / Reddit
  • My friend kept over 50 photos of me, all stored in a folder. I didn't find out personally; it's still pretty weird. It makes sense though; she used to send me letters in school, and I never really put two and two together. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My good friend sent my dad 3 separate photos of himself without a shirt. After the third time, my dad came to me telling me the story and asked me to tell my friend to stop, or he was going to call the cops. Pretty awkward conversation. © onemad***ga / Reddit
  • I had this friend and found out he'd spent a weird amount of time looking at my Facebook along with my old crush. It's really creepy, not to mention just the other day he broke into my gym locker and then started interrogating me about my locker password... I think he's stalking me or something, and it's freaking me out. © IamA_Werewolf_AMA / Reddit
  • One of the funniest and most enjoyable guys to be around in high school had a paraplegic brother who was slowly dying throughout our time together. I only found out after we graduated and lost contact that he even had a brother and that his brother had died a few nights before prom. It put a different perspective on all the memories we had together and the fun times we shared. All the while, he was quietly dealing with this by himself. It hit me hard when I found out.
    © HangoutWanderer / Reddit
  • This girl I knew in high school was on the same rugby team as me. Ever since the spring season started, she began showing up to practice less and less frequently. Coaches always told us to stop asking about her and never said anything about her absence, while giving a hard time to other players who skipped or slacked off.

    Cut to our quarter-final tournament in a couple of weeks, and she finally shows up, except she's crying. Despite her tears, she's still determined to play and performs aggressively well against the other teams. I found out later that she lived in a physically abusive household and finally got emancipated that week. Throughout the two years I had known her, she never gave any indication of such a situation, and as far as I know, no one else knew what was happening either. It came as a total surprise to me and opened my eyes, making me wonder for the first time if anyone else I knew was being covertly abused at home. © Unknown Author / Reddit
  • A coworker with whom I was friends dropped some knowledge about my genealogy in a random conversation. I never talked about my parents or their history to anyone, so I questioned him about it. From what I could gather, he conducts background checks on everyone he knows. © Unknown author / Reddit

Much like friends, family members hold deep-seated secrets that can shake our world when revealed. The instant of revelation marks a profound turning point, forever changing the lives of those involved. The individuals spotlighted in this piece will forever carry the weight of the unsettling truths unearthed about their kin.

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