11+ People Who Unveil Family Dark Secrets That Change Their Lives in a Second

5 months ago

Life brims with unforeseen twists. The revelation of a single secret possesses the power to upend our world, prompting us to reassess our journey. Be it a truth unveiled through a casual conversation, a concealed item, or a straightforward test, each family harbors its clandestine narratives. Some of these tales unravel in unexpected manners, surfacing after years of dwelling in obscurity.

  • My French grandmother was in love with a German soldier when she was a teenager in occupied France. He died at the front, but I found some old love letters he wrote her when we cleaned her apartment after she recently passed away. © nattfodd / Reddit
  • My grandma had a baby that nobody ever knew about. As she was dying, she kept asking for her baby, and afterward, we found a single photo of a baby that wasn’t any of our family. Then my uncle told us she went away for a summer when she was a young adult, and it kind of clicked... Her parents were really strict, and we suspect she didn’t have a choice in the matter. © shizzwizz / Reddit
  • My step-great-grandfather and great-grandmother never actually married. They put on a fake ceremony of sorts but didn’t legally wed so she could continue getting her deceased husband’s social security, life insurance, etc. Didn’t find out until Great Grandma died. They had lived together for around twenty years. © victorioushack / Reddit
  • I found out that I was only born because my parents had another child who died shortly after birth, and they still wanted a son. My sister and I got into an argument when I was around 14, and she was 16. Exchanged some harsh words until she brought up the “you were only born because the other kid died” situation. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • I always knew I was adopted. My parents told me that my biological family had already all of their kids. They lived several towns over. I was a surprise.
    Three years ago, my wife decided to take a DNA test. I figured I would too.
    When the tests came back, we found out that I had a first cousin. They had listed a public email. I emailed them, started comparing notes, and wham! I was in for quite a surprise.
    First, I was not born into a traditional family. Instead, my bio mom was single. Second, I was not a late addition. I had four sisters and one brother. I was the baby, but only by a couple of years. Third, most all of them lived nearby.
    Finally, nobody knew I was alive!
    My biological mom had passed. She had kept the pregnancy secret from everybody else. Before she died, she had confided in one of my bio sisters that she had a baby a long time ago, and she had put the baby up for adoption. She told nobody else.
    When did my sister tell the rest of the family? They didn’t believe her! So when I finally looked them up, she was like, “See! All those years! I told you so! We have a baby brother!”
    I had no idea what I was getting into when I sent that DNA test off. © ExistentialismFTW / Reddit
  • I found out when my parents were getting divorced that my mom was my dad’s THIRD wife. I had no idea he had been married and divorced two separate times before he was with my mom. My brother and I were his only kids though....maybe.
    In retrospect, it makes total sense why he had divorced after experiencing his personality traits. He has lightened up a lot as he has gotten older, but he still hasn’t admitted it to me about his previous wives, even though the whole family pretty much knows. © fishbiscuit156 / Reddit
  • When I was 14, I found out from both of my parents that I had a sister just six months younger than me. Apparently, my dad had cheated on my mom when she was pregnant with me, but they were able to work things out. I was upset for a while that they lied to me, but I get it now.
    No one in my family met her or had a relationship with her until I was 18 and decided that she should fly out to visit us. I’m glad we did that because now we all have peace of mind. She comes out once a year to visit now! © gr8whitesh*** / Reddit
  • The night my wife passed, I found messages on her phone from nine different guys over the seven years we were together that she cheated on me with. Some were from different states during “business trips” she took, and others were from around our area. One of them she met from a game she played on her phone, and he messaged her after beating her.
    It’s been three years now, and it still has my mind twisted. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that she would do that. I should probably see a therapist, but all I want to do is yell at her and ask her why. © Gmoexpress0 / Reddit
  • When my mom was pregnant with me, my aunts found out about it and asked to see her. So they came over and asked my mom about her plans with me. She questioned why, and they flat-out told her, “You’re not parent material. Our friend, who can’t have kids, is desperate for a baby, so we will pay you money for yours when it’s born.”
    My mom threw them out and stopped speaking to them. To this day, they despise my mom and me. I did not find out why they didn’t get along and why they hated me so much until I was about 18 years old. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • My Nana was kidnapped when she was in her teens and the only reason she wasn’t raped/murdered is because she jumped out of a moving van. She basically destroyed both her knees and has since had multiple surgeries. Still needs to wear braces and use a cane but my Nana is dope. © belle_angel / Reddit
  • Me, in a way. or who my dad was, depending on how you look at it. The details would take a pretty long while to type out, but essentially, my mom hid me from my dad and told me my entire life that he was dead before I was born (to prevent me from looking into it.). She made up a random guy, provided pictures of him, (but never of my mom with him) gave a story on how he died and I spent 20 years never thinking to question it. My dad and my grandmother would find ways to try and contact me, but my mom and my grandma on mom’s side would shut it down and threaten them if they did. The whole thing is crazy.

    At 20 my dad found me on Facebook and told me the whole story, providing pictures of the two of us together when I was barely a toddler, as well as pictures of him with my mom. They had a falling out and my mom wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. My dad and I are very cool now, the whole story is heartbreaking, especially for my dad’s mom. She wanted to get to know me so desperately and only did in the last two years she was alive. My dad and I text once a week, and it’s pretty grand when it happens. © TannerThanUsual / Reddit
  • I had an autistic friend who lived down the street from me and went to the same school. My mom was always acting weird when she saw me hanging out with him.
    Turns out he was my dad’s first son with a different woman. She took custody of the kid when he was a toddler and never allowed my dad to see him or talk to him. My dad didn’t want to deal with an autistic son born out of wedlock at 19 years old, so he didn’t pursue visitation.
    When I was 12, I found out from my cousin that the kid was my half-brother. The whole family knew, but me. Adults made an effort to keep it a secret from me; kids assumed I already knew. © enigmazweb24 / Reddit
  • My friend’s mom had a DNA test done, and the results said she had a ton of siblings and cousins, which is weird because she had one brother, another adopted brother, and no cousins. Turns out her mom was having trouble getting pregnant, so she went to see a well-renowned specialist and then became pregnant. But all this doctor did was take some of the husband’s sperm and mix it with his own, and then they would get pregnant. So he fathered a ton of children, many of whom probably still don’t know. © Asthma_Enthusiast / Reddit

Discovering disconcerting truths and unsettling revelations holds profound consequences, particularly when they pertain to our own kin. The profound impact of these individuals’ findings about their family members continues to leave them astounded to this very day.

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