“I Figured Out He Was Cheating Because of a Plastic Bag!” A True Story That Proves Men Underestimate Women’s Logic

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4 years ago

Should we forgive cheating or file for divorce right away? It’s not that easy to answer this question when you’ve been living together for 15 years and have a well-established life and unsuspecting kids. That’s why some spouses prefer to look the other way when it comes to signs of cheating, but not the heroine of our story — who seems to have been taught the lessons of deduction by Sherlock Holmes himself.

The Pikabu user with the nickname Infinity222 shared the story of her friend who managed to beat her husband to the punch. We at Bright Side believe that such a skillfully discovered episode of cheating shouldn’t go unnoticed.

So I went Christmas shopping and met my friend who I haven’t seen for 6 months.

Me — Hey, how are you?

Her — I’ve divorced my husband.

Me — Sorry to hear that! But you’ve been living together for almost 20 years and everything seemed so good.

So we decided to have a cup of coffee and she told me everything.

"Around February my husband started to have some financial issues: some months there was no bonus, others his salary was less. By the summer it was only my salary that we were living on. He would bring home some bacon, of course, but it was many times less than I was bringing home. Additionally, he was constantly having issues: the car was broken down, his parents needed urgent help, etc. I wasn’t upset about all that because there were times when I wasn’t earning a lot and we were living on his money.

Once he went fishing — he and his friends have had this tradition of going fishing every year for 15 years. When he came back home, I started to go through his belongings so I could wash them and I found a branded plastic bag from a store that sold expensive footwear. I thought he probably just took the first available bag he could find on the boat and put his things in it. I also felt happy for one of his friends’ wives who had gotten these luxury shoes from her husband.

A couple of weeks passed, and I was going to the supermarket, but got a flat tire. I called my husband and asked him to bring the keys to his car and pump up the flat tire on mine. So I finished shopping, opened the trunk, and saw 2 plastic bags from the same luxury footwear shop with his athletic clothes in them. At that moment my trigger got flipped and I got suspicious about everything. I called the wives of all his friends he had gone fishing with — no one had bought shoes at that shop (it wasn’t a surprise because the prices start around $500 there). The next day I went to that shop, tried on all the shoes in my size and secretly took photos of all the retail associates.

Later, it was my husband’s birthday. He came home with a new phone and said it was a present from his colleagues. An iPhone! That costs $1,000! No way! He gave his old phone to our daughter. I checked it, wrote down all his contacts, and started to call them. The contact “Jack, tire master” had 2 numbers: landline and mobile. When I called the mobile, I found out that there was a girl who answered the phone, while the landline was the expensive footwear shop. Bingo! Checked the internet and found this store’s Instagram page. I looked through all the followers and found a girl named Hilary. Her page was full of photos with huge bouquets, fancy restaurants, and comments a-la, “A present from my significant other” starting from the spring.

The cherry on the top was a photo with my husband and a comment that said, “On a vacation with my beloved.” As it turned out later, he had actually started to earn more because he got promoted at work. He was just spending all of his money on that girl, he was renting an apartment for her, giving her presents, etc."

We were already on our third cup of coffee, but I still couldn’t believe everything she said. “So did you pull out this woman’s hair? Why would you let her take your husband so easily?”

I was expecting to hear something about pride and “I’ll never forgive him” but she answered differently, saying “Do you want an honest answer?” I think I would have forgiven him. At first, I didn’t tell him I knew the truth — I just kept silent. In September, when our daughter started her final year at school, we started to discuss hiring some tutors. She wanted to apply to a medical university and needed someone to help her with preparation. So he said that he didn’t have the money and tried to get her to apply to a different school. However, it was her childhood dream to become a doctor. I sold my car, paid for the tutors’ services, and started to call my friends and acquaintances asking them to lend me the money, in case mine wasn’t enough. I called my husband’s boss (we have good relationship with him) and he said that my hubby had already borrowed $5,000 for our daughter’s tutors. That’s how everything was revealed. He has become a stranger to me since then. I instantly filed for a divorce. Of course, he was begging me not to do it and swearing everything was over with that girl. But that was all a lie — and not only did he deceive me, but his own kid as well.“

We sat a bit more without saying a word and I was feeling weird about the whole story. I have known their family for a long time and would never have expected something like this. At one moment my friend said, “It doesn’t matter anymore. Isn’t it cool how I managed to find the truth with the help of one plastic bag!” So the moral to this story is, never underestimate a woman’s logic. Ever.

Do you have stories where your inner detective managed to reveal a mystery? We would be glad to read them in the comments!

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Yes, yes! Just because of one story, all men underestimate men.

Very sexist, please, stop it. Brightside. -.-


lol what a dumb guy. Never spend crazy money if you're cheating, especially if the wife has access to your phone and bank info


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