My Toxic Colleague Insulted Me Because of My Drastic Weight Loss, My Petty Revenge Was Epic

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A woman wrote a letter to our editorial and shared her mind-boggling story with us. She has lost weight significantly and in no time, when she came back to her office, one colleague started insulting her and even wanted to get her fired. But there’s a twist in the story that made the heroine of today’s article a winner in this terrible situation.

It all started with losing some weight.

A woman, 40, wrote a letter to our editorial and told us her story, which resonated greatly with our hearts and minds.

Our heroine’s name is Debra and she has been working for a huge enterprise for over 10 years. The woman opened her letter, saying, «I recently came back to work after a month-long emergency medical leave. I’m still struggling mentally with a few things but the core detail is that I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 8. Nobody in my office anticipated a change this drastic, and when I came to work after my sick leave, everyone started bombarding me with questions. My coworkers were guessing about my condition, but it was just because curiosity existed. One coworker who I hardly speak to, Aubrey, wasn’t able to come to terms with my weight loss.»

The woman goes on with her story, explaining, «On my first day back to work, Aubrey approached me and said, «I wish you had applied to me to lose your extra weight instead of taking to such drastic measures. You will gain it all back, you know. I’ll be waiting.»

Aubrey was very much triggered by Debra’s new body.

Debra goes on with her story, saying, «I knew that Aubrey had a dubious reputation, but since we never worked together I didn’t think it would be a problem. Aubrey is one of those people who think they’re a fitness expert and she even calls herself a „health coach“. Of course, her activity has nothing to do with the company we both work for. She’s known for constantly offering unsolicited and incorrect „health advice“ and she is always quick to comment on other people’s appearance and food choices.»

Debra was shocked because of her colleague’s mean reaction. She wrote, " I was speechless when Aubrey asked why I opted for surgery instead of putting in the hard work to lose the weight. Surgical weight loss is nothing bad, but that’s not what happened to me and I hated her aggressive attitude. To crown it all, she was spreading rumors profusely and this was insane."

Aubrey went too far in her attempts to offend Debra.

Debra revealed, «During my third week back, Aubrey came by my office at the end of the day in athletic gear. She offered to go with me if I was „so afraid to attend the gym alone.“ At the time was in very poor condition, I could hardly even do laundry, or climb a flight of stairs, let alone attend the gym with this nosy woman. I refused and she left promising I’d gain the weight back because I’m lazy.»

And this wasn’t the end of tormenting. Debra wrote, «The next day this energetic woman complained angrily about me in a meeting. I wasn’t present at it, because I went to a medical checkup. I was told that she said that if I can’t dedicate myself to natural weight loss, I obviously can’t understand and fulfill my work obligations. After this remark, our HR accepted it as a red flag. In our company, such cases can prevent you from your bonus opportunities for the whole year. I had no idea about this all and when I got back the next day, I was called for a conversation with our boss

Karma hit Aubrey instantly and she least expected it.

While talking to her boss, Debra received a perfect opportunity to teach Aubrey a good lesson.

The woman revealed, «A day before, I had my final medical checkup and I had all medical papers ready for bringing them to work, which I did. I explained to my boss that after many years of medical gaslighting, a new doctor prescribed me an emergency MRI during a routine visit. It showed a mass in my abdomen. My doctor then rushed me into surgery within 24 hours. I ended up having an 18-pound tumor affecting my vital organs and I was about a few days away from multiple organ failure. I’m lucky to have this tumor removed and I’m lucky to be alive. The weight loss was actually because of that tumor being removed, and time will tell if I still have any serious organ damage but right now everything is fine with me.»

After Debra’s boss received all this information, supported by the woman’s medical documentation, he called Aubrey to his office and asked her to apologize to Debra. Aubrey listened to the whole story of Debra’s weight loss but didn’t think she had to apologize. She was very impudent and behaved like she was a boss.

Debra wrote, «Needless to say Aubrey was fired that very same day. She called me afterward, calling me names and shouting at me like mad. I blocked her from everywhere because I didn’t need this additional stress. I’m beginning a fresh page in my life and I sincerely want to have no more of tumors and toxic people in my life.»

And here’s yet another story that proves karma does exist and it hits back the offender in a very painful way. Here’s a story of a woman, whose mom lied about her for years, but met her boomerang at a family gathering.


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