My Husband Deeply Humiliated Me on Our Wedding Day, but the Revenge Came Instantly

5 months ago

Wedding may be one of the most important days of our life. And we all hope that everything goes by our plan. But one bride was literally brought to tears by her partner right on their special day. And before that, she even begged him not to pull any cruel pranks on her. The angry woman was distraught by what her beloved man thought was very funny — and is now getting divorced 48 hours after their wedding.

The first red flag showed up months before the wedding.

One woman, who went under the nickname Constant-Nebula-1982, has come to a social network to reveal her heartbreak as her husband totally embarrassed her on their special day. She also shared how he got his instant karma for doing this to her.

She began her story saying that she was writing the post two days since her wedding day. The woman had already been with her husband for 4 years. One year of which they were engaged.

It all started a few months earlier when she noticed her husband Jake watching prank videos. Among other things, these videos showed embarrassing photos of the bride being played on a projector in front of the whole room, or the bride’s face being smashed into the cake. She wrote, “I told him straight away that I didn’t want anything like that at our wedding. He just laughed and said that he wasn’t planning anything like that.”

Jake just laughed and said that he wasn’t planning anything like that. The woman thought that was the end of it, but she kept catching him making strange arrangements with his friends. He suddenly wanted to choose the wedding photographer and the cake.

On the wedding day, the woman felt the biggest emotional pain in her life.

The woman highlighted that she was so concerned about the smoothness of their special day, that she decided to talk to her husband-to-be one more time. She reminded him the day before that if he did something like that, she would break up with him immediately.

When the day of the wedding came, everything went smoothly until the ceremony. Until the moment came when the cake was to be cut. The whole room watched as the bride made the first cut and the photographer stood in front of the couple with camera in hand.

Suddenly, the woman felt a hand on the back of her head, pushing her face-first into the cake. Not only her make-up but the whole wedding dress was ruined, and the whole room laughed, her husband the loudest.

The revenge for his bad deed came to the man immediately.

The woman recalls how, at the most embarrassing moment of her life, the photographer took the photo and Jake said that this was now their wedding photo. She turned around, slapped him in the face and ran out of the room in tears.

The karma didn’t take long to arrive and came in the form of his own brother. The woman described how she ran to the toilet and started crying when she suddenly heard loud shouting from the hall. It was her husband’s brother Frank. She could barely understand what he was saying, and when she left the toilet he was waiting for her.

Frank told her that Jake had something to tell her. Jake was shaking and apologized without looking his wife in the eye. Frank told him to look her in the eye and apologize again. Even the woman herself was a bit scared of Frank at that moment, because she had always thought of him as a kind and gentle man. She confessed that she had never seen him angry before.

The woman’s final decision about her marriage was tough but justified.

The woman continues her story, saying that she asked Frank if he thought it would be an exaggeration if she separated from her husband, and he said no, because according to him, she deserved better, and he didn’t care how his brother felt about it because he had brought it on himself. Then he told her that if she needed help collecting her things, he would help her and gave her his number.

The woman finally decided to separate from Jake and file for divorce and informed him and her family about it. Jake just told her not to do that because it was just a harmless prank. The woman writes that she was spammed by both his family and hers that it would be ridiculous to end their marriage over this. But she sees it differently.

She wrote, “If he does something like this to me despite multiple requests not to do it even after promising he wouldn’t do it, then I can’t trust him. No matter what he promises me. I have to assume that the opposite can and will happen. And that he doesn’t care at all how I feel about his decisions. This situation can be projected onto so many much worse situations where it would be important for me to be able to trust him.”

His brother Frank seems to be the only one who supports her now, and she will go through with the divorce. She concludes her post, writing, “Call me humorless, call me what you want, but I have given my reasons.”

And here’s yet another story about a woman who was betrayed by her beloved, but years later, she rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

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