15 People Who Disturbingly Found Out Their Partner Was “Not the One”

2 months ago

When we first start falling in love, it feels exciting and full of fun adventures with that person. The small gestures and chemical reactions in our body can make us believe we’ve found our soulmate. But things aren’t always what they seem. Some people spend years in love without realizing their partner isn’t right for them, while others have a single moment that changes everything. These people often go through a lot before realizing something isn’t right.

  • “There was a picture she painted of me years ago that hung on our wall. It was beautiful and was like a whole bunch of blue triangles that made out my face, and it’s my favorite thing of me that’s ever existed. Then one day after a couple of bad years she got into a relatively speaking small argument with me over something and started freaking out, tore the painting off the wall, and destroyed it.
    The argument was so pointless I couldn’t even remember what it was about a week later. I know it sounds dumb but when she painted that for me at the beginning of our relationship it meant everything to me, and after multiple awful years, that was when I knew things could never go back, and that painting and image I had of myself and our love and relationship would forever be broken and unfixable.” Somewhere-Plane / Reddit
  • “When I went to the airport to pick her up, flowers in hand, and stood there until the last of the luggage had been picked up before I realized she hadn’t even gotten on the plane.” ListerfiendLurks / Reddit
  • “When I found out that one of my close friends had suddenly died, I burst into tears, to which he said, ‘What are you insecure about this time?’ And when I said I just found out my friend died, he turned around and walked out of the room. The next day I was talking to his mum about it in the kitchen, and she was comforting me, to which he again said ‘Can you stop being insecure,’ and his mum practically tore him in half with the words. I left him soon after.” L-Mariee / Reddit
  • “I was going with him to my friend’s destination wedding. While getting ready with my friend, I curled my hair and asked them if it looked good. My gal friend said, ‘Oh, you missed a piece right here’ and helped me get it done with the rest. He immediately groaned and said, ‘Ugh, why’d you tell her?? We could have made fun of her together!’
    Something about his joy at the thought of embarrassing me in front of my friends really just made me realize what he was. I broke up with him as soon as we got back home.” WorkOutDr***More / Reddit
  • “She saw no issue with the fact that she would be texting her ex-husband (now current husband, if that makes things clear) giving him emotional support, particularly when we were watching TV together or driving to a restaurant for date night. Her excuse was, ‘I still consider him my best friend (she may have said one of my best friends) and I don’t think there is anything wrong with talking to a friend.’ 5 years later, we divorced, and she remarried him 9 months after that.” DantheOutdoorsman / Reddit
  • “When I got him a nice watch for his birthday and he said in response, ‘Don’t buy me a watch unless it’s a Rolex’ and then everything came into perspective. Ungrateful, materialistic, and weak was how I viewed him until I left shortly after.” id***sincarspart20 / Reddit
  • “He’d rather follow what his parents would say to him. He always needed his parents for simple decision-making. I too have a good relationship with my parents, but I grew up independently. I wouldn’t run to my parents if I can solve the problem myself.” gvdomme / Reddit
  • “When he picked me up from the airport after a few weeks trip. I was so excited to see him, and he didn’t even get out of the car, just shouted at me to hurry up and get in because he didn’t want to pay for parking. Didn’t even hug me.” hippowolf12 / Reddit
  • “He stayed up all night to talk to a friend about some minor issue. While that would have been nice under regular circumstances and meant that he was a good friend, he never stayed up when I felt unwell and always went to sleep and later just told me he was tired. I accepted it, but that was the time that I knew he was capable of staying up to help another person, just not me.” numakuma / Reddit
  • “Broke up with me straight after our first holiday because I spent too much time with my kid (from another relationship) and not enough time with her. My son is 2 years old...” HeronStraight107 / Reddit
  • “We were on a trip to Cabo and did a group kayak tour in the Sea of Cortes. I got seasick and tried my best to keep it together, but eventually got sick. She was more concerned about what the other couples thought and how they reacted than even asking me if I was ok. She got ‘embarrassed’ and never once asked if I was ok or even tried to make me feel better. Beginning of the end.” JohnnyYouTaTas / Reddit
  • “When we were driving through the city, we saw my brother on a bike heading to work. He made a joke about it along the lines that my brother was ‘poor and pathetic and how embarrassing it must be to ride a bike to work.’ Yes, my brother was currently struggling, and I was actually helping him with rent at the time. I then started noticing he would always make comments about my family struggling.” krasavetsa / Reddit
  • “We were invited to a wedding abroad. I was looking into travel options on my computer, he sat next to me looking at memes. Upon asking him if he’d like to join me in browsing flights and trains, he got angry, got up, told me that I can go by myself, and left the house. I did end up going alone, the saddest wedding I’ve ever been to, with people asking why he’s not with me.” Covfefetarian / Reddit
  • “Many years ago I was in a relationship with a girl, a great family, who was smart, funny, good-looking, etc. She seemed like the perfect fit, but one day she was complaining about having to ask her parents for more money so she could go get her nails done. They already paid for, quite literally, everything.
    I suggested she get an on-campus job (we were in college) for some extra money and something to fill her time. She said, ‘Why would I work when I don’t have to?’ And that was a big deal for me. That mentality I could never raise a family with.” ItsbeenBroughton / Reddit

Things aren’t often what they seem, and childhood traumas can have a big impact on us today. Sometimes we know we’re troubled by the past, but other times we don’t even realize it.


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