14 People Reveal the Biggest Lies They’ve Caught Someone In

3 years ago

We know from our childhood that all secrets are revealed sooner or later. However, this doesn’t stop people from keeping secrets or simply lying. Unfortunately, the truth is, most of the time, revealed at the most unexpected moment, which oftentimes leads to comical situations but sometimes makes other people’s lives more difficult.

We at Bright Side read the stories of people who accidentally or intentionally unfolded other people’s, or their own, secrets.

  • When I married my first husband, we planned to have children. It wasn’t happening, and our doctor suggested that my husband and I get tested to see if there was a medical reason. He said that they usually started testing with the man, as this test was easier to conduct. My husband’s test was scheduled, and it found that he had no issues. When we got that news, he said to me, “I knew it couldn’t be me. I got a girl pregnant in high school.” I was shocked and I filed for divorce© Patti Hills / Quora

  • When I was in my early teens having dinner at home, my dad got a phone call. It was my grandmother and as he hung up the phone, he looked at my mom and let slip out, “Well, mother is getting a divorce... again.” Turns out, my granny had been married 7 times. This led to questions about all my cousins, several of whom I’ve never met and it turns out my dad only had one biological brother — the 8 other siblings all share different fathers. © 8ernHer / Reddit

  • When I was 15 I was invited to the house of the girl I was dating. While in her house, she asked me to go and get some drinks from the basement and while I was picking the drinks I saw a little closet in the corner of the basement. So I left the drinks on the floor and went to look. I open the closet and I see 20 photos of me glued to the walls of the closet. I decided to close the closet and go back upstairs. © iliasntallas / Reddit

  • I had met a guy online, “Tim,” who was maybe 11–12 years older than I was and he was pursuing me. I was open to the possibility of a relationship with him, but I wasn’t moving as fast as he was and I began to feel overwhelmed by his attention. I told him (politely, I think) that I needed a bit more space. He agreed to back off. Then, suddenly a girl named Kara sends me a friend request. “Kara” immediately started acting like my BFF and began asking very personal questions. It didn’t take long to notice that Kara misspelled the same words Tim did. Kara and Tim turned out to be the same person. I instantly informed this person that I knew about their ruse. © Krin Henry / Quora

  • I had a colleague who would tell funny stories she read on various social media groups like they were ones that happened in her life. It seemed to be harmless lying but later I accidentally learned that she was lying about her marital status as well. She was saying to some people that she had been married for a long time, sharing some details about her wedding dress, and her wedding photographer. At the same time, she was telling others that one of her colleagues was in love with her and that he always gave her flowers, whereas this never happened in real life. © Alvis / AdMe

  • I went to a different city for a week. After coming back home, I found a new pink toothbrush. I thanked my husband for the gift but he looked confused. I looked closer and saw that the toothbrush wasn’t new and that there was some residual toothpaste on it. I checked the bed linens and found someone else’s clothes in them. He definitely has a smart lover, may they live happily ever after! © Overheard / Ideer

  • Just a couple of months ago, I went to a sleepover with my friends. At 3 in the morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I heard a rustle in the kitchen so I went to see what it was. And there was my friend. Unwrapping a stick of butter. She then proceeded to take giant chunk-sized bites of cold butter. Like it was candy. After that, I had lost my urge to pee from being so creeped out. So I snuck back into the living room, into my sleeping bag. Moments later, she came back, noticed I was awake, and asked if I saw anything. I nodded yes and we both never brought it up again. © Picklepop06 / Reddit

  • One day while helping my, at the time, girlfriend clean out her mom’s basement we found some old pictures that she was excited to show me. Nothing major, just some old family photos of her as a baby that she thought were cute. She went to show me one of her as a baby, held by her older sister, when she accidentally dropped the frame shattering the glass, when she picked up the picture she saw that on the back of the photo was written “me and my mommy.” When we went to her mom with the picture it turned out that her sister was actually her mom and that she was adopted by her grandmother. She’d spent her whole life until that moment believing that her grandmother was her mom and that her actual birth mother was her sister. © Eagleeye460 / Reddit

  • We have 2 adult daughters about 2 years apart. When the girls were quite young, maybe 10 and 8, my wife was horrified to find that a cherry pie that she had made for a special dessert had been thoroughly gutted — someone had eaten all the cherry filling and left the pastry shell behind. Of course, both girls denied the deed. But then the older girl, while pointing to her younger sister, said, “Look, she’s doing that thing... she always does that ‘chin’ thing when she tells a lie!” Huh? What ‘chin’ thing? The older girl then demonstrates that her sister “always tucks her chin in like this” when she’s lying. From then on, anytime there was a question of whether the youngest was lying we’d look for the ‘chin’ thing. She did it every time. It was like a poker ‘tell.’ So, flip ahead 25 years or so. The girls are all grown up. Mom, dad, girls, and sons-in-law all sitting around having adult beverages and telling stories. Eventually, the story of the “cherry pie incident” comes up. Everyone has a good laugh about the ‘chin’ thing. Then the oldest pipes up and says, “I ate the cherry filling. And I made up the thing about the ‘chin.’ I couldn’t believe that you guys believed me.” © Rich Sobocinski / Quora

  • My boyfriend lived 2.5 hours away and we would spend weekends together. Candles were lit and I decided to make a homemade meal. My favorite pumpkin fettuccine. All was going great.. Then he suddenly becomes ill and has to go out to grab some antacid from a nearby petrol station. When he returned he had crumbs all over the front of his shirt and later that night I discovered some McDonald’s packaging in his car. Anyway, we have now lived together for over a year and he has only just admitted that he cannot stand pasta or pumpkin. © courts1888 / Reddit

  • Work friend sent the group chat a picture of the omelet she made for her family for brunch. It looked beautiful, like you’d want to lick the screen — it looked that good. Too good in fact. So we questioned her and asked her several times to send a picture of the one she made. She insisted it was hers and that it was her late grandmother’s tea towel underneath the dish on the photo. 5 minutes later and someone zooms in on the picture and finds a website stamp in the corner of the image. It was a downloaded image from Google. Nobhead. © hangustaf / Reddit

  • I caught my ex-boyfriend cheating. I was lying on the couch with my face turned toward the wall and accidentally noticed a small hole in the wallpaper. I dug deeper with my nail and got a sim card which turned out to have chats with his second girlfriend. I dumped him. © Overheard / VK

  • At the age of 5, I horrified my granny by telling her the story of how I was rescuing kittens from a roof during a winter blizzard. My granny kept her hands on the heart and even cried a couple of times. The truth unfolded after my granny decided to figure things out with my “bad” parents. My mom and dad felt extremely awkward and they still recall those rescued kittens, who actually never existed. © Elena Chernova Fenenko / AdMe

  • My older brother was always refusing to do household chores. Once my mom and I were returning from shopping and we found my brother washing the floor. He was all wet, intensively scrubbing with the mop. Mom was awe-struck. When we went into the kitchen, we were astonished — there was a huge enema lying on the table. Mom was horrified — was her son ill? Did he have a stomach disorder? Or was it something even scarier? We need to urgently rush to the closest hospital!. Feeling freaked out by the whole discussion, my brother confessed that his friend had visited him and they decided to play a game. My brother was pouring water on his friend from the enema, while the friend was doing the same with the help of a bottle. That’s the reason why he was mopping the floor so hard.

What was the biggest lie you’ve caught someone in?

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