15+ Life Stories That Thriller Scriptwriters Would Sell Their Soul For

3 years ago

The father of thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock, would say, “The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them.” Perhaps it’s for the same reason, that the characters of our compilation decided to share their weird stories with internet users. These revelations will definitely send chills down your spine.

We at Bright Side like to tickle our nerves, however, we definitely don’t recommend that you read this article at night. In the bonus part, you will be able to enter into a horror story yourself.

  • My daughter used to sleepwalk. We would wake up at night and she would be silently standing at the door. I would say to her, “Sweetheart, what’s up?” And she would never respond. Once, as I and my wife were sleeping, we heard a stomp-stomp, she went to the toilet and closed the door. We kept lying there and waiting for her to come back. No sounds, no moves, nothing. It felt as if she had fallen asleep on the pot. My wife says, “Is she sleeping over there?” So I went to wake her up. I opened the door to the toilet and didn’t find anyone. My daughter was sleeping in her bed. I felt uncomfortable because of it. And that’s not the only time something happened — we now sleep with our eyes half-open. Sometimes I hear her speaking with someone — and it is impossible to understand what she is saying. Then she’ll get up and walk, as if someone were holding her hand and leading her. Once when she was walking and talking to this someone, she passed by our room, and went to the hallway. I jumped out of the bed and rushed toward her. At the end of the corridor, she woke up and started to shout, “Daddy, daddy!” She got scared because it was dark. I tried to reach her but my legs couldn’t move, it was as if they were glued to the floor. We took her to our bed until the morning. Guys, it was really scary. When I recall this moment, I still go into a cold sweat. © Vladyko1974 / Pikabu
  • I work as a photographer when I’m not studying — I like to capture couples in love or photograph weddings. When I was looking through the archive of my photos for the last 2 months, I noticed that many of the photos have the blurred shape of my classmate in the background. When I was on campus, I went up to him and asked why he was chasing me. He joked around, saying that I was very beautiful and that he needed to keep an eye on me so that no one would steal me. Recently the entire university learned the news that he passed away. Yesterday, I saw his face in my fresh photos again. © Chamber #6 / VK
  • This happened during my first semester of college. There was chaos in the dorm and all of the students were somehow located in their rooms. There were 5 of us who were settled in one big room and the campus authorities promised to locate us properly later. That night, as I was half-asleep, I saw the front door open. Everyone in the room was sleeping peacefully. The silhouette of a hunched old man or a shaggy monkey appeared in the doorway. Suddenly this old man steps into the room and jumps on the bunk-bed, falling on the guy who was sleeping on the upper bed. I was woken up by a scream! I open my eyes and realize I was actually sleeping and that it was a dream. The scream came from the very guy sleeping on the upper bed. I rushed to him, shook him, and said, “Wake up! What happened?” He said that something heavy fell onto him as he was sleeping and that he was unable to breathe or move. © Amir88 / Pikabu
  • My friend and I went to visit another friend. At the entrance to her building, a concierge lady warned us that one elevator was broken and that the second one was about to get broken, and that we should treat it carefully. My friend didn’t listen to her and strongly hit the “15” button. The doors closed and the elevator started to move down, being on the ground floor. We froze in horror, and suddenly the elevator finally stopped. I carefully pressed the “15” button once again and the elevator started to move up. After seeing our horror, the friend who we were going to see understood everything at once and said, “Did you go to hell and back?” © Chamber #6 / VK
  • My friends and I met some guys at a party. We agreed that we would meet somewhere in the forest together. As we were on our way to the meeting point, I kept seeing this random girl. At first, I thought it was because of the heat and didn’t pay attention. But when I stopped to tie my shoelaces, I saw this glowing image of the girl right in front of me. She told me not to go there and to go back home. I got scared and tried to tell my friends about it, but they just laughed in response. They wouldn’t listen to my requests to return home. Eventually, I left them and returned to the city saying that I had a headache. Later I learned that those guys robbed my friends and left them alone in the forest. © Chamber #6 / VK
  • I trained my cat to press a special button whenever she got hungry. Today, in the middle of the night, I woke up because the button wouldn’t stop making a sound for a while. I thought it was pretty strange because my cat usually sleeps with me. Then I heard someone trying to break into my home. I yelled that I was going to call the police and whoever they were ran away. Only later did I realize that no one was actually pressing the button — it was simply jammed. My cat passed away 2 weeks ago. © Overheard / VK
  • I was 11 and I had a dream: I was standing near an elevator and my mother came out of it with her friend. Her friend was wearing a light-pink suit with a big red rose on her blazer. They passed by me, my mom turned around and said something. At this moment, I woke up. I rushed to my mom to share the dream with her. She was sitting on the couch with empty eyes. I told her about my dream and it turned out that her friend had passed away that day. © Chamber #6 / VK
  • I got a kitten. He was a restless and active one. Once, when I was in the office and the kitty was at home, I saw a flash and a desperate scream for help, “Mommy!” I got very surprised about what it was — since I am not a mother. So I went back home, went to the kitchen, and it was then that I understood everything. There was a shelf with a big old audio player over my dining table and a bunch of artificial flowers hanging over the player. My kitten was always trying to play with these flowers and this time when he got on the shelf, it broke. Apparently, the kitten had quite a drastic fall. I think it was this desperate scream that I heard while at work. © Ekaterina Slugina / Facebook
  • There is a closet that stands opposite my bed with a mirror on it. I have never paid attention to all those scary stories about sleeping opposite the mirrors until one night I woke up and saw the reflection of myself sitting on the bed — instead of the eyes, there were black holes. I jumped out of bed but after I blinked — I saw the mirror again — just the reflection of my shocked face. I didn’t sleep until the morning. Going to cover the mirror now. © Overheard / Ideer
  • This story was told by my mother-in-law who doesn’t believe in supernatural things. My father-in-law went to a different town and she stayed home alone. In the evening, she went to take a bath and forgot to switch off the gas boiler. In her dream, she saw her late father who said, “Dear, switch off the boiler, please. It is overheating and could explode soon.” She woke up, rushed to the boiler, and switched it off. If she hadn’t done it, something bad would have happened after around an hour. This is how our late relatives take care of us. © Overheard / Ideer
  • My family went to visit my mother-in-law and stayed overnight. That night I had a very bad dream, in it I got up from the couch that we were sleeping on, went up to the mirror in the hallway, and saw an evil laughing white-haired woman in it. I got short of breath because of her laugh and it was hard to breathe. I woke up and saw this mirror. I got scared, snuggled up to my husband, and even wanted to wake him up. The next day I told my husband about the dream. I thought he wouldn’t even pay attention to it because he is a skeptic, but he believed me. He said his mother also sees this woman in her dreams pretty frequently. All in all, I am not going to this house anymore. © Overheard / Ideer
  • I was at home alone listening to the music on my headphones. At some point, it seemed to me that someone was knocking on my door. I removed the headphones and realized someone was really knocking on the door. I went up to the front door and asked who was there. In response, I heard a clear answer, “Who else would it be? Your mom!” I got surprised that my mom didn’t inform me about her visit, but still opened the door. No one was there. I called my mom — she turned out to be at home. The knock happened repeatedly. There was no one behind the door. I was so scared. © Overheard / Ideer
  • My dad worked at a haunted toy store. He worked as a night watchman back in the day. Weird stuff happened there all the time. Objects would fall off shelves as you walked past them, lights flickered on and off from time to time, noises from the other side of the hall, stuff like that. So there he was in a big, mostly dark store, all by himself, thinking about the ghost. He said out loud, “If there is a ghost here, then that balloon, the red one in the middle of the roof will pop.” Right as he finished the sentence, the balloon burst. Suffice to say he turned on all the lights in the building and got as close to a door as he could for the rest of his shift. © KINGCOOVER / Reddit
  • I worked overnights in an adolescent RTC for a short time. About a week into the job I was told about “Amanda.” Amanda was a resident from around 10 years prior who’d had a tragic end. According to my co-workers, she would sometimes make appearances at night in the form of a whimpering sound in the supply room or on very rare occasions she would actually appear in the corner of the hallway nearest her old room. I blew off the story, thinking they were just messing with the new guy until...

    One night, about 2 months later, I was doing rounds. I was checking to see that the kids were asleep when I saw a girl sitting in the corner of the hallway with her arms around her knees, which were pulled up to her chin. Something about her body language told me she was really sad. I started to approach her but heard a noise from behind me, I checked to find nothing awry, and when I looked back to the corner the girl was gone. © WE_Coyote73 / Reddit
  • I worked overnights as a master control operator in my youth. One night, around 3 AM I catch sight of the camera we have aimed at the back door and there’s someone standing there wearing a “scream” mask staring at the camera and not moving. I go to the back door (magnetic sealed and a deadbolt for overnight, the door is next to impossible to force open) and look out the peephole and there’s no one there. © Phantom_61 / Reddit

  • I experienced the following situation — I was sitting in the kitchen when suddenly all the knives fell down from the magnetic strip. The magnet is quite strong. You need to use your strength to remove even one knife. I can assume it happened because of my nervous energy. At that moment, I was kinda wrought-up. Usually, even home appliances sometimes stop working when I’m in this mood. © Anton Rojin / AdMe
  • When I was a little girl we used to live in an old block of flats and oftentimes heard some knocking. It would be on the ceiling or on different walls. We lived on the top floor and shared only one common wall with the neighbors. The knock happened in different rooms. I would ask my mom what it was and she would always reply that our neighbors were hanging a painting. When I grew older, I started to realize that the neighbors couldn’t be hanging pics at night and that there were no neighbors at all. When I was about 16 or 17, one of my friends visited our home and this knock happened again. He asked what it was and I told him it was always there. He lifted his arm and drew a triangle on the ceiling. That’s it. The knocks disappeared! We lived in that apartment for 15 more years and didn’t hear anything. I also never saw that guy again. © Tatiana Pisareva / AdMe
  • I didn’t believe in the supernatural until this situation happened to me. My parents and I rented an apartment when I was 22. I didn’t want to move there because the apartment looked gloomy and the energy in it was kinda dead. My parents lived in one room, I lived in the other one. One night I woke up because my mom was trying to wake me up, yelling that I was late. I looked at the clock and told her that it was nighttime, and that she was wrong. She looked at me with angry and CAT-LIKE YELLOW EYES and kept lamenting that I was not getting up. In the morning I told my mom and she was shocked, she said, “That means you saw HER too...” Who’s her? All in all, we both saw some creature and for some reason she was female. © Vera Salyaka / AdMe
  • When I was pregnant with my son I had a dream: I was walking along a bridge and there was a seething river under it. I looked at my hand and there was a golden ring with 2 diamonds on it. One of the diamonds suddenly fell into the water and disappeared. When I woke up I got worried. I knew I was pregnant with only one baby, however since I was also a twin, I was sure there was a second baby inside me. But my ultrasound and exams showed only one baby. Only during labor, it became clear that initially there were 2 babies, but one of them failed to develop at the beginning of the pregnancy. This dream got ingrained in my memory even though it’s already been 23 years since then. © Fotima Salieva / Facebook
  • My family lived near an airport that was under construction. In the place where the airport is now, there was a small grove and a field. My mother was a teenager then and she would go outside late and come back home after dark. Their home was behind the grove and the fastest way to get home was to go through the grove. Once, my mom was going out and her granny told her, “Dear, don’t turn around if someone calls you when you are on your way home tonight.” My mom laughed and left. On the way back, she felt as if someone was watching her. Then suddenly she heard some steps behind her and someone calling her name. The voice was unknown, neither male nor female, it felt genderless. My mom rushed home, not turning around. When she got home, she told her family about what had happened and her father said that the same thing happened to him that day when he was going home. He also didn’t turn around. © Ruslan Losnov / Facebook
  • I work as a security guard in a big mall. One night the alarm in one of the shops started to go off — I sent the crew to check and see what happened. They reported that everything was fine — there were no traces of a break-in but they could see through the window that some cans of energy drinks were scattered on the floor. I rewound the camera record and saw that the plastic boxes suddenly fell together with all the energy drinks in them. It’s the first time I saw anything like this in the 5 years of my work. © Natalia Nikiforova / Facebook
  • I was a 5-grade student when I went into the hospital. One night I woke up from a knock on the window over my head. The window was overlooking the neighboring room. I got up to check, because I thought it was another patient knocking. I could only see a hand in the window, but when I looked through the window, I saw that the patient was sleeping peacefully. The hand was hanging in the air and kept knocking. The next morning I told someone about what I had seen the night before but no one believed me. After a couple of days, when we were getting ready to sleep, the power suddenly went off in the hospital. The nurse who was on duty saw some shadow on the windowsill and asked the person to get back to his bed, thinking it was a patient. However, after coming closer she realized it was not a human and started to scream. After this incident, everyone believed my story. The rumors were that the hospital was located on top of an old cemetery. © Temur Davronov / Facebook

Bonus: “Local Silent Hill” There is a path in the city of Clairton, Pennsylvania where trespassing is strictly prohibited. However, it seems that Google can do it...You just need to take one step and you will find yourself on the existing Lincoln Way."

You can try walking along the abandoned pass yourself.

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Okay so 2 paranormal things happened to me back in 2017, 7 or 8 months after my dad passed away and I was 22:
1- once I was sitting on my bed and using my tablet I felt that someone sat at the end of my bed and could see the dent in the bed and there was no one there, I literally ran to the kitchen to tell mom.
2- I was opening a can of tuna and suddenly felt that someone was grabbing my hand and no one was there.


when it's evening and my cat starts staring in the open darkness of my open door and doesn't move, I freak out 😅


My great uncle and great aunt's house is supposedly built on top of Native American burial grounds. Once like 10 years before I was born, they both woke up in the middle of the night and saw a Native American chief standing at the foot of the bed, staring at them. They say that he didn't look evil, or malicious. He was just looking at them and standing very still. They stared back for a couple minutes and then went back to sleep. They knew it couldn't have been a dream because they both remembered it, every detail. Also once my mom was staying in her friend's mom's house, and she was told there was a ghost in the house. She woke up in the middle of the night, and felt someone's presence in the room. She had no idea what to do, but just prayed out loud "God, I don't know what's going on here but I want that ghost out of my room." She felt the presence withdraw, and fell asleep. Also once my mom had to sleep in a room full of masks from all kinds of different cultures, and they were "demon" masks. She felt like there were actually evil spirits in the masks on the walls, and that they were malicious. She again, prayed out loud "Jesus protect me" and then she could feel the demons being cast out. Seriously. When I was five, I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a shadow on my floor. It was a circular shadow, and it wasn't connected to anything. It would have had to be made by something floating in the air. I kept looking around for what could have made it, but there was nothing. I remember I just hid my head under my ballerina monkey covers and just chanted in my head "Make it go away, make it go away" over and over again, and then I cried myself to sleep. The next night, the shadow wasn't there. Another time when I was about 9, I was taking a walk with my mom, and I felt something brush against my neck/cheek and heard a voice yell inside my head "Hilarious!". The thing is, the brushing feeling wasn't like leaves from trees, it was like fur. Like a squirrel's tail. There were no squirrels around, neither me nor my mom was wearing any furry stuff, and nothing was close enough to have touched me. I asked my mom if she felt anything, or if she heard someone, but she said no.


I was reading this whole article in a quiet mall with no stalls open and a soft music playing with some cleaners.


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