14 People Who Just Went to a Cafe and Came Back With a Movie-Plot Worth Story

2 years ago

Sometimes we can feel like the characters of a movie when just dropping by a cafe to have a snack or meet someone over a cup of coffee. There are so many bright people around us — couples in love and just simply weird people. Just by looking at them, you involuntarily start to expect something interesting to happen.

We at Bright Side think that these stories should definitely find their audience. The bonus at the end will tell you an exceptionally romantic story.

“I’m sitting in a coffee shop in a city famous for its apple pies, and I got into a wonderful conversation with a wonderful hostess when, suddenly, she disappeared into the kitchen, and returned with a huge boiled ear of corn, saying, “In the morning they brought it from the field. This harvest is the sweetest, like sugar. This is for the wonderful conversation.”

“An old man came to me in a cafe and started to tell me about his cat. At the end, he said, “Can you show this card about him to your friends? Here is the card so that you can find him.”

“This woman at a cafe really resembles the woman in the painting right behind her.”

When your granny is a strategical thinker:

“After a long gap, I returned to a cafe where my favorite cold Americano is made and the barista told me, “Honestly, I missed you!”

“The most awkward thing about it all is that he had to repeat it 5 times because, at first, I was wearing headphones and then it seemed to me that he was saying it by mistake.”

When the service exceeds all your expectations:

“I was given this bear as a companion by cafe staff because I came alone.”

Hollywood plot

“I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the guy sitting behind me passed me this note. No chance for a second date.”

Appearance can be deceiving.

“This cafe toilet has a very interesting wall design — it feels like someone’s gonna bite me.”

Tit for tat

“Was just sitting down in a cafe when this unit decided I needed supervision.”

“I found this in a random book on the shelves of a cafe.”

Bonus: The most romantic age

What interesting or funny stories happened to you in cafes?

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