18 Stories About Tenants Who Astonished Their Landlords to the Core

3 years ago

It’s actually pretty hard to find a decent and neat tenant. Sometimes potential tenants only seem nice during the first meeting with the property owner and they start to unfold their true personalities only after moving in.

We at Bright Side were shocked to read about the situations with unreliable tenants who raise only one question, “How did you even manage to find a place to rent after all?”

“Made my own version of Fragile Masculinity art from the damage done by the previous tenant.”

“Tenants left with our belongings”

My wife and I decided to move to another city and try to live there. If we liked it, we would move there completely. So my wife packed our essential belongings, we found tenants for our apartment, and we signed a contract having listed all the things we would be leaving there. After having lived in the new city, we realized we didn’t like it much and decided to move back. We told the tenants about our decision and asked them to move out. While we were still away, my wife’s brother checked the apartment and said that there were a table and a sofa missing in the kitchen. We called the tenant, who started to say something nonsensical about how old the sofa and the table were and that’s why they decided to get rid of them. When we finally arrived, it turned out that half of our belongings on the balcony were missing too. Plates, mugs, and spoons were not there either. Even my wife’s wedding dress was gone. © nsk0803 / Pikabu

“I’m the guy that bought a house with a tenant who had been there 20 years and had crazy black floors.”

He screwed everything up but got away with the punishment.

“My friend got an order from his tenants who were moving out of an apartment, to change an interior door. They also asked him to bring a grinder tool. After having replaced the door, my friend asked them why they needed the grinder tool. He was shown this.”

The tenants asked the technicians of one service-providing company to run the network cable to the kitchen through another room. But during the third attempt to drill the wall, the driller got completely stuck in the wall. They lived like this for a year. © chekakept / Pikabu

Setting priorities is definitely not his cup of tea.

“The previous tenants from my new apartment left the freezer like this.”

The door to the freezer was lying on the window. I de-frosted everything, washed it, the freezer and the fridge work normally. How did it manage to even carry such a load? © Helen1988 / Pikabu

This tenant went all sparkly on one wall.

“This tenant left the apartment like this.”

A sly attempt to earn money by subletting

Tenants’ drawings

We rented out our apartment to creative people who turned out to have some writing skills as well. The entire kitchen had bottle tags attached to the walls, the curtain rod was broken and there was a layer of dust everywhere. I am not posting the photos of the room because it has scripts for a future book." © GreenWorld86 / Pikabu

“Bumped into the real estate agent”

“The previous tenant did not understand dryers.”

Turtles also need a place to live.

“Just rented a new place. The previous tenant left the wall mirror... and a dirty secret!”

The tenant built a chicken coop.

“The tenant moved out after 6 years. It took 3 15-cubic-yard dumpsters to clean the territory.”

The beach party got out of control.

Have you ever come across weird tenants? Please share your stories with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit chekakept / Pikabu


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