12 Real Events That Are Shockingly Disturbing

2 weeks ago

It takes something truly shocking or cringeworthy for a casual day to become unforgettable. Whether it's witnessing a stranger doing something disgusting or finding ourselves in a revolting scene, certain situations can shake us to our core and make us question if what we're seeing is real. This is exactly what happened to the people in this compilation, who still cannot get over what they saw with their own eyes.

  • I was washing my hands in a restroom when a gorgeous woman walked in and went over to the sink. She pulled a tube out of her purse, inserted it into her belly button, and urinated through it into the sink. Then, to my shock, she pulled the tube out, stuffed it back into her purse, still dripping urine. She didn’t wash her hands or even turn the water on, and just walked back out. © Shipwreck_Medusa / Reddit
  • I was at Disney last week and walked by a guy sitting on a wall in the shade. He was looking at his phone, and then he licked it. He stuck his tongue fully out of his mouth and licked the entire screen as if he were cleaning it off. I almost walked into someone because I couldn't stop staring. © Complete-Scar-2077 / Reddit
  • I saw a guy standing at a soda dispenser with a razor, using the water button to shave his armpits inside a restaurant. © 8MCM1 / Reddit
  • I was on a bus once and saw a woman grab her child and literally suck the snot out of the child's nose. I started to gag when I realized that she didn't spit it out. I had to get off at the next stop and walk for a while. © Totallynotpalpatine / Reddit
  • When I was 5, I visited my aunt in Los Angeles. It was the first time I ever saw a homeless person. I remember him because he was having an intense argument with a palm tree. © JeanRalfio / Reddit
  • I got to work early, around 6 a.m., and there weren’t many people on the street. I saw a woman walking up and down in front of my workplace. It was weird and creepy, and when she passed me, I saw that her hands were cuffed behind her back. © IndependentToe2090 / Reddit

  • I saw a mother intentionally pour a full pitcher of water all over the table at her daughter’s birthday party because she couldn’t get her daughter’s attention; the daughter was too busy talking to her friends. © DrGingeyy / Reddit
  • When I was in 7th grade music class, a cockroach crawled out of the armpit of a very unclean classmate. It was very freaky. © Ok_Grocery1188 / Reddit
  • My wife and I were at a bus stop in Las Vegas and saw a woman popping a zit on the back of her husband's neck. She apparently didn't succeed, so she called her daughter over to give it a try. © TheRealRockyRococo / Reddit
  • Hubby and I were sitting on our front porch one summer night when a couple walked by on the other side of the street. The taller person carried an umbrella and wore a huge, full-head mask with blonde hair attached. The mask had a huge grinning mouth, like a character from Planet of the Apes. Why? © CanadianContentsup / Reddit
  • One time I was on a bus, and an elderly lady got on with a baby stroller. There was no baby; the stroller was filled with old newspapers. She sat down with the stroller next to her, took a silver dinner fork out of her purse, and began to comb her chin hairs with the fork. © Dottegirl67 / Reddit
  • I was in traffic on the freeway when it got very windy as a storm approached. Suddenly, a bunch of balloons started blowing through the traffic. Everyone slowed down to a stop as the balloons became denser—there were tens of thousands of them. This lasted about a minute, completely immersing us in balloons until they finally cleared. © Artai55a / Reddit

The feeling of shock and disbelief can be even more intense when the person involved is someone close to us or a loved one. In these 12 stories, people have discovered an eerily disgusting truth about a partner, and they still shiver at the thought of it.

Preview photo credit Shipwreck_Medusa / Reddit


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