20+ Shocking Finds People Had to Share With the Internet

5 months ago

From polished rocks to sparkling jewels, from old artifacts to rare shells — many fascinating things can be found on the beach. And there are people who enjoy both walking on the shore and picking up or snapping pictures of something unique. In the bonus section, we’ve prepared amazing things that Internet users have found in the most unexpected places.

“Lit up some agates we found on the beach with a flashlight and took macro photos.”

Crab pot lines are eroding the ledge of this pier.

This is a green sea anemone.

“These sea snails are holding each other up.”

This seaside bus stop getting devoured by sand dunes in South Africa.

“Found these porcelain pieces on a beach”

“My wife found sea glass with baby Yoda.”

“Found this piece of wood washed up on a beach in South Carolina that looks like a bird.”

Heart-shaped rock with coral arteries found at the beach

An ancient sardine tin, recaptured by the sea

This colony of sea-life on a shoe

The sea has changed this shell beyond recognition.

A crab decided to live in a bottle cap.

“Found this beautiful shell at a beach”

“This table I saw by the beach has been engulfed by sand.”

A starfish walking across the sand

“This little piece of rock I found on the beach looks like Jupiter.”

Someone built a dino into the rocks when they were building on the beach.

“My girlfriend found this happy rock on the beach. It now watches us do the washing and reminds us to be happy.”

“Found a 14k gold diamond sapphire earring on the beach with the help of a metal detector. Got very excited about it.”

“Two weeks later found the other matching one in the same area.”

My wife found it on a beach. It has a screw cap and contains bright green liquid inside.”

  • I wouldn’t touch that... Looks dangerous. © StandardMandarin / Reddit
  • I think it’s a diver rescue marker, or something similar for ocean rescue. You release it to dye the water around you and even at night a black light can light it up. © mmdoogie / Reddit


“When I was about 13 I went to go buy some new jeans.”

“Shopping for jeans always sucked because I was tall, skinny and awkward. So I grabbed a bunch of jeans in different waist and length sizes to go try them on and went into a dressing room. None of the ones I brought in fit quite right, but there was a pair in there that a previous customer must have tried on, so I figured meh, what the hell. Tried them on, fit perfect, and I bought them.
Wore them out, the next day reached in my pocket and found a 100$ bill. Still the most excited and happiest I have ever been.” grindor / Reddit

“What is this thing in the middle of the wall in my 1906 house?”

Interesting finds can hide not only on the beach but in other places too. Some people manage to find little treasures in thrift stores, others under their feet, and there are even those who find something extraordinary in their own homes. If you look around carefully and pay attention to the details, you won’t miss out on memorable strikes.

Preview photo credit grindor / Reddit


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