Personality Test: Your Choice Can Reveal a Lot About You

4 years ago

Have you ever wondered why people just love taking quizzes and personality tests? Scientists believe that people, when trying to make sense of their lives, tend to focus on three main questions: Who am I? Who do others think I am? And who do I want to be? Personality tests help us find out the answers to these serious fundamental questions in a fun way.

At Bright Side we love learning new things, especially if it means learning something new about our true selves, that's why we decided to share this short personality test with you.

Person #1

If you've chosen person #1 it means that you're kind of a fatalist. You'd prefer to give up if you believe that the situation can't be changed in any way possible. You would accept the current events and circumstances as they are. You never start an argument and in general you behave peacefully because fights and quarrels only make you upset. You have a big, kind heart and you value honesty the most. Stop thinking that everything is predetermined and remember that it's you who creates your own destiny.

Person #2

If you went with option #2, you can be characterized as a person who often makes hasty decisions. So next time you have to make a decision, take your time and try to thoroughly analyze the overall situation first. You're a bit stubborn and you never feel sorry about what's left in the past. You take full responsibility for your decisions and depend only on yourself.

Person #3

So, you've chosen #3. You're a real fighter! And sometimes you act impulsively and you never give up. You have a great ability to fight 'till the very end when it comes to defending your position and things you believe in. Coming up with new strategies and approaches is just your thing, and that's why people like you usually make excellent business people and group leaders.

Person #4

If you picked person #4, it says a lot about your rebellious soul. You're a true non-conformist who is ready to sacrifice even their own interests in order to prove something to someone. You believe in your principles and you think your point of view and/or your decision is always the best one. Remember that the diversity of opinions often gives a better understanding of a situation, so next time you're about to start an argument, try to use all of your good sense and rationality.

Do you like taking quizzes and tests? Was this one accurate for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to share this with your friends who'd also like to find out a couple of interesting things about themselves.

Illustrated by Konstantin Gusev for Bright Side


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