I Took a Married Man Away From His Family, I Expected a Paradise but My Life Turned Into a Nightmare

3 months ago

When someone falls in love with a married person, there’s always a choice whether to continue this relationship and break a family or to run away from such a dubious relationship. Our today’s heroine is an affair partner of a married man. She broke his family and was sure that their love will flourish on the ashes of her SO’s broken marriage. But the woman faced some severe side effects of her actions, and now she regrets everything.

The woman was sure she was doing everything right.

A woman, 38, wrote a letter to our editorial and this was a confession that was full of emotions from her side. She started her letter, saying, «I am in a situation where I really don’t know what to do. My whole life has taken such a drastic turn, and I appeared to be unprepared for the crash of my illusions. This all will feel like a novel, so I’m sorry for the long letter, but I need to pour my heart out.»

The woman went on, saying that her partner is 54, and their relationship started not in a very fair way. She wrote, «My SO and I have met 6 years ago during a joint team building event that our companies were holding together. At that time he was married and had 2 kids, 10 and 15 at that time. I didn’t have family and kids, I also didn’t have any relationship at that time.
Firstly, we became really close friends and after some time it all turned into some strong romantic feelings between us. He assured me that he was very unhappy in his marriage, that it was awful and it was a mistake. He said he was going to leave his wife anyway and was just waiting for a moment when the kids were a little bit older.»

The woman instantly believed her SO and developed very strong feelings for him. She wrote, «I fell in love with this man, and I was ready to wait until he ends his marriage. After 2 years of our affair we got caught and things were really difficult for some time.»

After a breakup, things were developing in a moderate way.

The woman goes on with her letter, saying that, since their affair was not a secret anymore, they moved in together and were prepared for building their own new family.

She explained, «His wife was totally heartbroken, but she decided not to tell the kids about their dad’s affair. We both respected his wife and kids, and we didn’t go really public with our relationship for a year, we decided to lay low.
My SO first introduced me to his children after about a year. It was difficult for the kids to see their dad happy with another woman, but we eventually got along just fine. We then bought a house and were preparing for getting married. The kids came to visit us often. Things were developing in the best way possible for us. Or so I thought.»

The man’s ex-wife was suffering a lot and her pain was immense.

The woman shared, «My fiancé’s ex-wife had a really tough time living through her husband’s infidelity and him leaving. She has always been a stay-at-home mother and had a part-time job. We knew that she had some serious health issues and gained a lot of weight. She was completely depressed and isolated.»

The ex-wife was totally desperate, and it seemed like it would take her a really long time to recover. The woman revealed, «After their breakup she often called my SO, she was crying, she sent him long emails and heartfelt texts, she begged him for another chance to recover their family. My fiancé was guilt-ridden, but he never communicated with her outside the things considering the divorce and their kids. He said he made a choice, and that he loved me, that he regretted the pain he has caused her and the children, but it was already done and all he could do is look into the future, without turning backwards.»

The betrayed woman started to recover, and this was the beginning of an end to an affair relationship.

One day, the man’s ex-wife just stopped calling him and sending him long messages. The woman revealed that the ex-spouse just asked her fiancé to co-parent through some parenting app. The woman said, «He never met or heard from her. His oldest son could now drive and if he needed to go to her house to pick up his youngest son, the ex was not around. For me, it was a huge relief.
My fiancé’s oldest son informed us that his mom was attending a therapist, and she was doing meditation, yoga, she was also more physically active, she lost weight. The ex also got her full-time job in her professional field and seemed just happy.»

Then, some detail was uncovered, and the woman’s SO just changed. The woman wrote, «Some time ago, SO’s youngest son started mentioning some „uncle P“ in conversations. This „Uncle P“ was one of my fiancé’s best friends. He once completely cut contact with my SO after our affair was revealed. They haven’t met or spoken to each other since.
It turned out that „uncle P“ and fiancé’s ex-wife were now in a relationship. At the time we found out about this, I also found out I was pregnant. After this revelation, my SO seemed very frustrated, but I just thought it was because of his stress at work, because he changed jobs. Then he started coming home late. He was always on his phone. His behavior was rapidly changing from what I used to see.»

Things took a very painful turn for the woman in the end.

The woman revealed, «2 months ago I got a call from my SO, he was calling from the police station, and he asked me to pick him up. It turned out he showed up at his ex-wife’s house late in the night and got into a fight with his ex-friend. He even accused his ex-wife of cheating with his former best friend.
My SO had a real mental breakdown. It was insane. He has always been a calm person. It all was looking like he was a totally different person. He seemed obsessed with his ex-wife, he was stalking her social media, he was asking his kids and family members what the two of them were up to.»

The woman revealed that her partner agreed to see a therapist, and he is still in therapy. They both have a son now and the woman sincerely thought things would get better and the birth of a baby will help them to move forward. But she confessed that their relationship is still rocky.

She said, «I feel that his heart and mind are no longer in our relationship, and I am thinking about leaving him. I still love him and we have a baby. I really want us to be a family. I understand all the pain we have caused, and our way has not been easy, but we went too far.»

And here’s yet another family dilemma, which made the heroine of this story have really mixed feelings about everything: from being desperate and feeling guilty, to realizing that her tough solution was the only way out from the situation. Read more to find out why a woman kicked her pregnant daughter and her 6 kids out of her house, and what she was fed up with.


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