I Didn’t React the Right Way to My Husband’s Cheating Prank and Now Our Marriage Is Dying

3 months ago

A woman, 36, has recently sent a letter to our editorial, and she can’t believe this was really happening in her family, because of how absurd the situation seemed to her. Her husband just can’t grow up, and now he pranked her with an imitation of him cheating. He was expecting a different reaction from what the woman actually demonstrated, and this led to their marriage falling apart like a house of cards.

It all started with a very specific prank from the woman’s husband.

A woman named Taylor has written a letter to our editorial, where she told us her story, that started from a prank and has grown into a resentful relationship in the family.

She started her letter, saying, «My husband pranked me and now my marriage is falling apart. If you think my husband and I are very young and may let ourselves be very unserious, then it’s not so. I’m 36, and he’s 38, and I just can’t believe this is really happening. I even asked him to go to therapy with me, but he’s denying any type of conversation.»

Taylor went on with her story, sharing the shocking details of the conflict. She wrote, «A month ago, my beloved husband left his iPad on the counter when I was doing the dishes and went to the gym. Just later, after the whole drama happened, I understood why he actually was trying to draw my attention to the iPad the whole morning, placing it on the most visible place and leaving it near me. Now I know why.»

Taylor revealed, «While I was loading our dishwasher, he got a very suggestive text and a picture of a woman in her underwear. The number belonged to some Ashley. I just froze in my tracks. We’ve been married for over 6 years, and we have two kids together. I started looking for more details and there was their full conversation for over 2 weeks. He obviously was cheating on me with this Ashley.»

Taylor was mad, but she didn’t deliver the reaction that her husband wanted.

She described her initial reaction to the revelation, saying, «I can’t even describe the intensity of pain I felt at that moment. I immediately ran to the bathroom, I was vomiting and crying. Then he got back from the gym and instantly asked me what’s wrong. I just looked him in the eye, handed him his iPad and informed him that he’s got a message from Ashley and that I needed to go out for a walk. I asked him to stay with the children. He agreed.»

Then, Taylor went for a long 4-hour walk. She revealed that her husband texted her a thousand times asking if she was okay. Each time, she replied that she was fine, and said that she just needed some fresh air.

She shared, «I don’t remember a moment when I was crying this much through my entire life. When I got home, I told him that I was aware of his disgusting affair and asked him how we’re going to do this. He then asked me, „do what?“»

Taylor demonstrated a very calm reaction, she wrote, «I told him that we absolutely can’t stay married anymore. But what I needed to know was how we were going to separate with the least harm possible to the kids. I told him that since he has his parents living very close to us, he could move out and let me stay in our apartment with the kids for now until we get divorced

Taylor’s husband instantly showed his true face.

Taylor revealed that her conversation with her husband took a very weird turn. The woman wrote, «He asked me if that was really all my reaction and if I was kidding. I just stared at him, all puzzled. At that moment, I didn’t understand what he even wanted to say by all of this. I told him that I couldn’t speak more of this because I was just exhausted.»

And then, the epic reaction from the husband came out. Taylor wrote, «He suddenly started yelling that I was very careless and cold. My reaction to his infidelity wasn’t the one he expected. He then gave me the IPad, asked me to call „Ashley“. I didn’t want to and ran to our room because I couldn’t believe how cruel he was making me call his mistress. But he insisted, and I called. The number belonged to his best friend, and he was laughing, saying it was all a funny prank.»

Taylor revealed, «It took me a few minutes to get it, but then I started sobbing. My husband was fuming at the way I handled his cheating prank. He was frustrated that I didn’t care enough. I have no clue what he wanted me to do. He even couldn’t explain what he expected me to do. He just yelled all the time that he didn’t expect this.»

The family life was falling apart in an instant.

Taylor wrote, «Now a long time later he’s acting so cold and resistant with me. I even tried to apologize once and explained that I was feeling very hurt, but I was also shocked. I tried to explain that I just didn’t want to bring damage to our children. I told him that I loved him so much and that if that was something real, it would have killed me mentally.»

«But he is very cold with me, and he doesn’t even listen. He said he wanted a divorce, because he can’t trust a woman who’s so cold and apathetic, and he is sure that my reaction was abnormal. And I think this whole incident is abnormal, but if he wants a divorce, then he’s getting it.»

Advice from Bright Side

Gett'em Girl, That was not a Prank that was just Cruel & done by someone that should go out of their way not to upset Or Hurt you & HE Got Mad, F-Him! That's not normal at all. Scary since you've children, don't trust him totally, as that was just Demented!


We’re very grateful to Taylor for sharing her story with us and her trust.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that every person has a right for making a mistake. We feel for Taylor and can imagine what she was thinking and feeling at different moments of this family situation. But we think that the woman shouldn’t rush with the divorce, and probably the best thing in her situation would be just to let things settle a bit and then talk to her husband again.

The couple may even attend the therapy together, and they might work on their insecurities and problems together, too. And we strongly believe that Taylor’s marriage can still be saved by a proper professional help and patience from the both sides.

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