20 People Who Dared to Make an Online Purchase Despite the “Expectation-Reality” Thing

3 years ago

1.8 billion people make online purchases in the world, which is almost a quarter of the world’s population. For most of them, everything goes smoothly and without surprises, but for some “lucky ones” online shopping becomes a real disaster.

At Bright Side, we hope these 20 unfortunate folks have a better shopping experience next time.

1. “Pearls of wisdom: be cautious when ordering online.”

2. “I ordered a happy sad octopus, but both sides turned out to be sad.”

3. “I ordered a lightning cable online and I didn’t know how long 26 feet was. It arrived today and now I am typing this in my room while I’m plugged into my neighbor’s socket from 3 floors down.”

4. “Another pair of socks that didn’t turn out as hoped. My boyfriend ordered a pair (the right side is him, that’s what we expected). We have no idea who the other guy is.”

5. “My boss ordered chairs for the break room last year. He too didn’t get what he expected.”

6. “I paid extra for this surprise birthday present to be wrapped!”

7. Perhaps, someone plucked it on the way?

8. “This is what arrived instead of my $700 headphone amplifier.”

9. “I ordered a floor length mirror online and it came today.”

10. “Well, our ‘family size’ pool has arrived.”

11. “My girlfriend ordered a surprise gift for me (a samurai mug) and this is how it arrived.”

12. “My new muscular mask”

13. “I bought a cat tower online that turned out to be much smaller than expected. Trevor is still trying to be appreciative though.”

14. “I ordered paper towels from some random website. The ad said that the rolls were enormous.”

15. “My mom’s last AliExpress order”

16. “I ordered these on eBay. Look what the shoes were stuffed with.”

17. “I ordered a new taser on Amazon and they sent me one with MOLD on it? A moldy taser? I can’t even fathom this combo of words.”

18. “Guys, I’m speechless! My shoes have just arrived from AliExpress.”

19. “My partner was so happy she found a specific vinyl for £2.50 on eBay. Turns out it’s for a dolls house.”

20. “It took me 14 emails to get them to refund me the whole amount for this monstrosity.”

Have you ever had an unfortunate online shopping experience? What was the most absurd thing you’ve received? Share your photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit MissAcedia / reddit


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I only try to do online shopping on trustworthy platforms. But even there I'm very careful. Not a big fan of online shopping ?


i love online shopping
they never get any of my orders wrong like this


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