10+ Fashion Crimes That Give Us the Creeps

10 months ago

Fashion trends are constantly changing. For example, at first it was men who wore high heels, not women. It’s hard to keep up with trends, but there are things that are timeless. They can hardly be called fashionable, or even beautiful. Nevertheless they are definitely funny and worthy of being seen.

1. When you feel a strong will to show your underpants.

2. “When you’ve been waiting your entire life to walk around on fake grass:”

3. To feel at home everywhere:

4. For those who prefer unique clothing:

5. An outfit for standing out in a crowd

6. This is suitable for a meeting of UFO delegates.

7. Must-have for glamour

8. When 2 sleeves are not enough...

9. To the delight of Steve Buscemi fans

10. Holes for ventilation

11. A way to show your favorite snacks

12. For girls who want to show their legs...

13. ...and hide their hands

Which of these outfits amused you the most? What would have to happen to make you put some of them on? Share your opinion in the comments.

Preview photo credit topshop.com, topshop.com


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