13 Comics Show That Most Manufacturers Have No Idea What Ordinary People Look Like

2 years ago

While companies try to do their best to make buyers happy, some products are so inconvenient that it made us wonder whether the people behind them know what we really look like. Although problems like food that is impossible to eat neatly, or clothes that fit no one can be a pain in the neck, this doesn’t stop people from having a good laugh about it.

We at Bright Side have illustrated some absurd products for you whose creators seem to know nothing about ordinary people.

1. If one can’t reach the kitchen cabinet without stepping onto a chair, buying a pair of jeans can be very frustrating.

2. A human foot as seen by shoe designers

3. Burgers should be wider, not taller. The world is ready for this!

4. Neither short nor tall people can peacefully enjoy using the kitchen.

5. Seems like some tops are made just for small people.

6. We hope robots will be able to pass the Captcha challenge soon so we won’t have to.

7. A dilemma that will never be solved...

8. Oh, we wish our periods would be as joyful as they are in advertisements.

But it seems the ad is real. I only went to the gyno bc other women were shocked I was in pain and had to use a hot water bottle and painkillers.


9. Girls who strive to curl their hair better have the ultimate arm workout plan.

10. Women as seen by hosiery designers have nothing to do with ordinary ladies.

11. People who can carry multiple bags easily might have special fingers.

12. Shaving routines don’t happen at all like they do in ads. It seems like all we’re left to do is accept our natural body hair.

13. Putting a duvet cover on is another challenge that only someone with the longest arms will pass on the first try.

Bonus: Fashion is constantly evolving, so maybe one day manufacturers will be able to create items that are perfect. Meanwhile, all we’re left to do is hope.

What situations can you relate to? Is there anything else that you’d like to add to this list?

Please note: This article was updated in December 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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