25+ Things That Fit Into Their Surroundings in the Most Satisfying Way

2 years ago

It’s super satisfying when two unrelated objects create the perfect fit, exactly match in color, or blend like two peas in a pod. Witnessing this coincidence happening out of the blue is always a moment of great surprise. As if knowing that things are in harmony together somewhat fulfills the little perfectionist that hides in us and provides us with a feeling of accomplishment.

Bright Side has done some searching and has gathered photos showing unexpected examples of a perfect fit or match. Your eyes will be pleased and you will feel uplifted after seeing these.

1. ’’My boyfriend’s new shirt matches perfectly to his tattoo.’’

2. ’’The way my shoes match this hotel’s carpet perfectly.’’

3. ’’The picture on my cup matched my view of the ballgame.’’

4. ’’My friend accidentally spilled salsa in the exact spot that blended in with his shirt.’’

5. ’’The way these chips match my countertop.’’

6. ’’My friend found the perfect gloves.’’

7. ’’He blends in with our new stuff.’’

8. ’’My shoes are the same color as this carpet.’’

9. ’’My girlfriend found a chair that matched her shorts.’’

10. ’’This cheese blends in with my countertops.’’

11. ’’Coffee cup blending into conference room furniture.’’

12. He brought this sarcophagus without measuring and found himself with a perfect fit.

13. ’’This building in NY blends in almost perfectly with the cloudy sky.’’

14. ’’My shoe blended with the tile in a cinema bathroom.’’

15. ’’My friend in this rock wall nook.’’

16. ’’Now where did I put my iPad?’’

17. ’’A gum piece I had perfectly matched the color of my shirt.’’

18. ’’My old phone case matched the table at a restaurant.’’

19. ’’This dinner plate exactly matched my daughter’s top.’’

20. ’’When I bake chocolate chip cookies, they camo to my counter top.’’

21. Shadow perfectly fitting with the tiles.

22. ’’My sister’s tie-dye shirt matches the paper plate.’’

23. ’’My socks blend in perfectly with my girlfriends carpet.’’

24. ’’My cat has the perfect camouflage for November.’’

25. ’’I found my wedding ring 3 weeks later.’’

26. ’’Commentator’s wrist/cuff completes Dustin Johnson’s head.’’

Do you encounter these coincidences often? Do you believe that these are a sign of something good that is going to happen soon?


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