15 People Who Captured Situations That Are as Funny as a Barrel of Monkeys

2 years ago

Sometimes all we can do is laugh and take a picture to share. And that’s great. Laughter boosts the immune system, helps with pain by releasing endorphins (our bodies’ natural “feel good” chemicals), burns calories, helps create great bonds, and also helps with stress management.

And because here at Bright Side we know that sometimes the best thing to do is simply share the goodness with the world, we gathered these 15 photos that surely can make anyone smile.

1. When you don’t have private parking, this is the car you want.

2. Just freshening things up.

3. “Caught this gem in a Target parking lot.”

4. “A typical Monday.”

5. When you ask the kids for help and end up with a different kind of door.

6. “My friends got married. Did NOT know they were taking a photo in the window and photobombed the pic.”

7. The puzzle piece that makes all the difference.

8. “You like krabby patties, don’t you squidward?”

9. “My neighbor’s Halloween decoration took a surprising turn after a gust of wind.”

10. “Daddy son bonding time!”

11. “This shy box.”

12. “How I wake up every day...”

13. “These two noodles escaped being poured into the pot by holding on to the package walls.”

14. “My cat sleeps in the strangest position.”

15. “My buddy’s dog when the vacuum comes out.”

Have you ever come across an unusual situation like this? Did you have the chance to take a photo? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit acidSlumber / Reddit


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