Internet Users Share Everyday Photos That Turned Out to Be Masterpieces

4 years ago

Photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson always said that the most important thing in photography is to catch the right moment. And at that very moment, the photographer must press the button. The characters in the following compilation seem to have learned this capturing technique quite well.

Bright Side collected 28 photos whose authors managed to capture the perfect moment.

2 planes flying by each other turned into a 6-wheeled monster with wings.

"Caught my brother failing at skim boarding while taking a picture of my wife and daughter."

The second before this wonderful sunny day was irretrievably spoiled:

We hope that this game came to a dead end right at this moment.

When you have your own pocket biker:

The teacher is more ready for summer than the students are.

This perfect moment turned a driver into a character from Futurama.

It's just a pigeon that looks like a flying fish.

This is possibly the best headpiece of all time!

When your shadow can do tricks better than you can:

Clouds that look like huge swans

A horse caught in a zero-gravity zone

Ready, set, fire!!!

"Take a picture of us as if we're dancing."

When you incidentally meet a really cool guy at the zoo:

What's inside?

Total involvement in the game

When you suddenly get a hit of freshness:

All of us have that friend who always spoils photos.

Either everything will work out, or the next photo won't be as joyful as this one.

One movement of this fluffy bandit's paw and the owners of this house can forget about having a happy New Year.

That very moment when your whole life passes in front of you:

When the hope that you'll be able to jump over this puddle is finally lost:

3, 2, 1... bite!

When you made too deep of an inhale:

"Check out this duck that photobombed my castle shot!"

Even guys on TV don't like when cats do this!

What a handsome guy with long hair! Wait a minute...

Have you ever managed to perfectly catch such funny moments on camera? Please share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit FalseEstimate / reddit


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