20+ Eye-Opening Photos for People Who Think They’ve Seen Everything

8 months ago

Sometimes, it seems that there are an infinite number of amazing and unexpected things in the world: farmers have giant carrots and pumpkins, mummies have passports for traveling, and it’s possible to find $500,000 in cash in a dumpster.

Bright Side has found 23 perfect reasons for not only amazing you but also to help you learn more.

The claw of a juvenile Crowned Eagle

These are fully inflated horse lungs.

In 1974, the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II was issued a valid Egyptian passport (nearly 3 millennia after his death), so that he could fly to Paris.

This is what noodles look like when it’s −60°C outside.

Yes, these are separately packed grapes.

You can find these types of sinks in Germany. They are for people who drank too much.

When the plane won’t fit

“Sink/stove/fridge combo in the tiny house I’m renting”

Just a photo of an albino deer, sneezing

It’s the largest pumpkin grown in North America!

This carrot weighs 22 lbs.

Someone decided to throw away hundreds of buttons.

This bathroom sink is made of igneous rock from volcanic lava.

47 years ago, the crew of Apollo 15 took this photo of the Earth from the moon.

This yogurt provides a list of all the cows whose milk was used to make it.

Time-lapse photo of a bee hive

25,000 little dice were agitated in a cylinder to form concentric circles.

A globe for blind people

Street Art in Lancashire, UK

You can plant this pencil’s cap after you’ve used it and watch it grow into either tomato, coriander, or chili.

This self-checkout machine totals up your purchase, and you don’t even need to take your items out of the basket. Just put the entire basket in the bottom, pay, and then bag your stuff.

An door in the wall of an old house for milk deliveries

“As a garbage man, I have found a ton of valuable items in peoples trash, but nothing compares to today. Today I found $500,000 in cash!”

Which of these photos amazed you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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