16 Creative Things That Break Stereotypes of Contemporary Design

2 years ago

When product designers get inspired, we find very creative items at the stores. Sometimes, we like their masterpieces so much that we want to ask them, “How did you even think of this?”

At Bright Side, we love to find unusual designs in ordinary items. And this article is full of creative things from designers whose imagination seems to run high.

1. “I’m in love with how this turned out.”

2. This bar of soap is too unusual.

3. “I painted 5 mini-pieces and set them in vintage frames.”

4. Look at this tiny milk pot!

5. “I made these little whittles.”

6. “I built a little town.”

7. “I made this Koi pond design mirror myself.”

8. “My first wood project: I designed and made this for my girlfriend. It’s a napkin holder!”

9. “Isn’t he adorable? He lives in the guest room now!”

10. This is what a mug with its own udder looks like.

11. “This cup at my aunt’s has a mustache cover.”

12. “I met a guy wearing a backpack with a ferret inside.”

13. This bag from an eyeglasses shop

14. “I made a bright and juicy bracelet with polymer clay cloudberries.”

15. This teacup looks like it has holes in it.

16. “My partner made some mushy babies.”

Have you come across really creative things recently? Tell us about them.

Preview photo credit JustSomething3 / Reddit


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