15 Pics That Broke Our Hearts Into Pieces Because of Their Sheer Wholesomeness

2 years ago

When you see something wholesome or cute like a baby’s face, for example, your brain responds very quickly. In fact, it takes only 140 milliseconds or a seventh of a second for the center responsible for emotion and pleasure to light up. So buckle up, because we are going to enter the fast lane of loveliness with the pictures we have gathered.

Bright Side presents you with 15 pictures that melted our hearts faster than the summer sun melts a chocolate bar.

1. “I am a dad. I am proud.”

2. “My son got his first pair of glasses.”

3. “Hi! I’m, pup! Are you my new brother?”

4. “Little bee standing on his tippy toes for a drink”

5. “My mother says she doesn’t like cats. I just found her like this. She sits on a throne of lies.”

6. “This stray gave birth on my GF’s porch. This is the mother and her newborn son.”

7. “My cat thinks my ear is a mother cat’s nipple, and then she falls asleep.”

8. “My 2-year-old when we walked into her daycare 3 hours early with a cake, wearing party hats and singing happy birthday.”

9. “My mom and my aunt (Norway 1977) — my cousin and I (NJ 2017). In honor of Mother’s Day.”

10. “Sooo, my dog found 2 guinea pigs in a bush and thinks she’s their mother. Cuteness alert.”

11. “Most people hear paw thumps when their pet comes running down the hallway. At my mother’s house, we hear hooves.”

12. “This is my grandparents meeting my daughter for the first time.”

13. “After 20 years of asking, my mom finally got a dog. This was his first night of sleep.”

14. “My girl Fuzzy meeting one of her granddaughters for the first time”

15. “I went to the Amazon and found my long-lost brother.”

Which of these made you a little teary-eyed?

Preview photo credit JediWithAn** / Reddit


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