10+ People Who Wanted to Be on a Winning Streak in a Situation but Failed Drastically

3 years ago

Occasionally, we all find ourselves in fiascos, but sometimes life likes to pamper us with particularly sophisticated incidents. When you, a self-confident person, are ready to come out as a winner of a situation, everything can suddenly turn upside down, leaving you screwed and blued.

We at Bright Side are a bit envious of those who have self-irony that works at full force and who are ready to share their failures with other people. And that’s what the characters of our article did.

  • Once, in 2008, I got an SMS: “I accidentally transferred $5 to your phone, please resend it to this phone number. Helen.” I checked my balance and answered her with a text: “You know what, Helen?! Go find someone else.” Right at that moment, I was withdrawn $5 for a text sent to a toll number. © Vereshch / Pikabu

  • Once, I went to a clinic to see a doctor. And my body temperature was checked by a tall and handsome young doctor at the entrance. By the way, young, handsome doctors are an extremely rare thing to see in our clinic, which is why I decided to show off and walk nicely by him.
    My plans were ruined by the janitor who had just washed the tile floor. No sooner had I taken my first step, a session of figure skating started. But I could only do one move — a spectacular fall on the floor. Because of my thick jacket, my moves were constrained and I looked like a tortoise as I was trying to get up. When the subject of my passion helped me, I looked as if I had just survived a catastrophe: my hat went down over my brows and my scarf was randomly hanging as well. © Bulochka s Koritsey / AdMe

  • I bought some toy spiders for my son. They were scattered all around our home. One day, we got into the swimming pool and I saw one spider floating on the surface. Then I saw my wife coming up to me and I decided to scare her. So I take the spider with my hand and realize it’s alive. But I did reach my goal — my wife was scared of my scream. © ShutupuFM / Pikabu

  • I got some pimples on my face and asked my girlfriend to apply something that would conceal them. All because I was supposed to have an important meeting and I didn’t want anyone to see my pimples. In the morning, she applied makeup foundation and something else to my face. The result was perfect: no pimples could be seen. But when I stumbled over the step and flew face-first into the director’s blazer, a trace of my foundation was left on it. Now they had many questions for me, and they kept making different jokes. My explanations didn’t help. © Overheard / Ideer

  • I remember some time ago, dark brown lipstick was extremely trendy. The darker, the better! For a better effect, I was contouring my lips with a black pencil and would eventually get dark, lifeless lips. And though older girls would tell me it wasn’t beautiful, I was always sure they were saying it out of jealousy. © Elena Matiol / Facebook

  • At the age of 16, I was walking along a street in my new white jeans. I was walking and showing them off as hard as I could. It felt as if everyone’s gaze was on me. I was feeling so cool! Until the moment when a woman came up to me and said, “Your fly is open!” I looked down and realized it was true. © Victoria Sergeeva-Filippova / Facebook

  • Once, I came home and decided to wash the kitchen curtains. I wanted to please my beloved. I didn’t want to go for a ladder so I simply put out a chair and started to remove the curtain from the rod. I was barely reaching the left side so I put my leg on the table standing near the wall. Eventually, my leg slipped, I started to fall together with the table, hanging on the curtain and pulling it down along with me. The rod started to fall too, it hit the new glass stove, all the dishes that were there near the sink, and, as a bonus, I dislocated my leg. © Overheard / Ideer

  • Recently, I recalled a nice story from my school years. At those times, I wanted to look like a gothic Lolita, but there were few opportunities for creating this look back then. That’s why when I bought a black lace ribbon and braided it into my hair, everyone assumed that a tragedy took place in my life and told me I could go home. © iamhellcat / Twitter

  • There was a dispute between me and a salesperson. The worker claimed that the cork was warm, meaning that it gave off heat. I objected that the cork didn’t emit heat but transfers it poorly — a low heat transfer. He started to argue with me, referring to the fact that he is an expert. When I asked him where the cork takes heat from to give it off later, he claimed that the African cork had stocked up with heat when it was in Africa. © Bash.im

Have you ever been in similar situations? If yes, please tell us about them. Don’t feel shy!


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