14 Mishaps That Have Become Family Jokes

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Our brain likes to play jokes on us. One of our favorite ones is to forget something important — that’s when we might turn on a stove and leave, or when we leave our glasses in the wrong place, or even when we put our phone on the roof of our car and drive off.

We at Bright Side have faced the mishaps of our memory many times and we know well what the characters of our article have been through. The main thing in these situations is to not feel down and embrace life with a sense of humor.

“My brother bought his first house yesterday. He drove his car inside the garage, shut the door, and forgot that the keypad hadn’t been programmed yet.”

“He spent over an hour breaking into his own garage.”

“I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days.”

“Forgot the wedding rings at my aunt’s wedding, used the next best thing.”

“Yes, we still have a bag of potatoes at home.”

“I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time.”

“My brother forgot about this in the fridge for almost 2 months.”

“My wife sent me the most solemn picture to let me know I forgot one of my AirPods at home.”

“I dropped my kid’s new screen protector on the floor. Couldn’t find it for hours.”

“Couldn’t find my phone but it was connected to my car’s Bluetooth so I said oh well, realized it was on top of my car. On the freeway.”

“When you somehow forget one of the biggest food items in your shopping cart.”

“Accidentally left my coffee pot on in my office over the weekend.”

“When you forget your gloves on a cold, windy day.”

“I accidentally ordered 5 cases of buttermilk, instead of 5 liters.”

“My dad threw my mom’s ring in the grass to test his new gold detector. The detector doesn’t work.”

What is your most epic story of a mishap?

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