15 Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Feel All Smiles

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A recent study found that looking at cute animal pictures is beneficial for our health. We believe that exposing oneself to positive imagery can be a way to look after one’s overall mental health. So, the simple act of choosing the content you consume daily can have an enormous effect on your well-being and take your day from “good” to “amazing.” Without further ado, here are some carefully selected pictures to brighten your day and ease your worry.

The Bright Side team surfed the web to find some of the most relaxing pictures that will make you want to hug the screen.

1. “The dragonfly was smiling for the camera.”

2. “My new kitten likes to sleep when I am using my laptop.”

3. “Little buddy brightened up my morning.”

4. “This is my little guy Zorak.”

5. “Getting married in August. He’s going to be my best boy.”

6. “Sleeping while standing.”

7. “Just twinning”

8. “When I opened a bag of chips the gentleman in front couldn’t contain himself.”

9. “Pancake is going places.”

10. “All 4 cats eating together, Little Anubis is to small to be up with the big cat just yet.”

11. “My cat was standing on my leg.”

12. “My dad and I are like a discount Animorphs book.”

13. “Putting on a party for one of the little kids in their care.”

14. “The best therapist I’ve ever had.”

15. “The pup I had for 12 years and the dog I rescued this week.”

What are your top 3 pictures? What is the picture that never fails to put a smile on your face?

Preview photo credit InfinityES / Reddit


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