20+ Photos That Can Drive You Crazy, Even If You Have Nerves of Steel

9 months ago

Internet users shared some situations that have driven them crazy. To be honest, we totally agree with them. A person who uses 3 seats in an overcrowded departure lounge or a computer that decides to install all possible updates during an important event would definitely make anyone mad.

Bright Side has found photos that will make you scream, “Don’t do that again!”

“Hey look, it’s the Mona Lisa, I think...”

When someone cuts up an avocado this way, perfectionists cry.

When you buy a new shirt and notice this at home:

A new game for drivers

“This guy has been talking on the phone for 10 minutes with his flashlight on.”

This candy manufacturer hates people for some reason.

“The Windows update occurred at the exact time we opened the doors to a very important event at my school!”

“How can I trust you now?”

That feeling...

A woman brought her 2-year-old son to a PG-13 movie. When he started to cry, instead of taking him out, she put a cartoon on her phone on high volume for him to watch.

Someone left perishable coleslaw here...

“Standing up when everyone else is sitting...”

“My sister opens these up to check the flavor and puts them back if she doesn’t want them.”

When something suddenly goes wrong:

The way you shouldn’t keep utensils

How do you usually use your laptop?

When the desire to create something extraordinary is useless:

3 people, 12 seats, 0 respect

“The way my neighbor decided to move for a couple hours”

When you just have an urge to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

You were deceived.

“A lady has been on the phone since she sat down, while her kid is running around doing this to the salt shakers.”

What situations drive you crazy? Tell us all about it!

Preview photo credit svanho / reddit


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Just stop outrageous people and TELL them how inconsiderate they are. I really don’t understand the system of being chattery with everyone and "never say your opinion unsolicited" on the other hand.


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