18 Photos That Prove Children Really Do Live in a Different World

3 years ago

As we grow up, we leave behind that curiosity and innocence we had when we were kids. Maybe that’s why, when we become adults and suddenly live with children or have them around, we spot certain attitudes or actions of theirs that seem, at best, strange. The fact is that children just have more freedom to create new things, rules, and games and while they do that, we can’t help but smile when realizing how innocent they still are.

There are people who spend lots of time with these naughty little guys and have a lot of fun observing and maybe even taking part in their games. So much so that they can’t help but take pictures of some of the things they come up with and share them with the world. Bright Side found some of these pearls and made a compilation just for you.

1. “Best place to put the Switch to charge?”

2. “My son found a piece of brick outside, put it in a Ziploc bag for safekeeping, and brought it inside.”

3. “He thought he was putting sugar on his pumpkin pie. It was salt. He still ate all of his pie.”

4. “Well, just finished building a Lego set with my oldest son. His younger brother then grabs part of the set, runs outside, and drops it down the sewer vent.”

5. “My little brother eats dinner in front of a picture of himself every night.”

6. “She asked me to hide her dolls. She didn’t specify where, but thinks I hid them in the sandbox. She’s dumping out all of her sand. They’re hiding in the dollhouse.”

7. “It won’t come off.”

8. “I see that other guy’s brother and raise my son.”

9. “I’m helping my mom clean out my little sister’s room and we found this ball with toys glued to it.”

10. “Paper clips are hard...”

11. “Help!! My son may be a psychopath. This is him eating a banana.”

12. “Apparently my child thinks an apple will charge his tablet.”

13. “If you have kids, check your air fryer basket for carpet scrubber attachments BEFORE turning it on.”

14. “I see your psychopathic banana eater and raise you my apple torturer.”

15. “Playing hide and seek... she thought I’d think she was a painted statue.”

16. “The way my brother likes to watch YouTube.”

17. “I got stuck in a stool in seventh grade.”

18. “Not sure who’s worse, my kids for not shutting the door, or me for not making sure it got shut.”

If you were a kid again for a day, what things would you like to do again?

Preview photo credit jenikat_ / Reddit


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if you think the brick is weird my sister has two bricks which she drew smiley faces and even added paper limbs...


when I was a kid and living with my grandparents with my mum, I was allowed to play with the hose. I would have the water on and just chuck the water around in the air.

Also, I was allowed to jump on my grandparents bed.

those times were so much fun


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