15+ Times the Universe Gave People a Reason to Smile

3 years ago

Luck is a fickle thing. Sometimes it’s so hard to run into good luck that it starts to seem that our life is just full of dark times. For example, when everything is falling out of our hands in the morning, when internet shopping becomes a complete disappointment, or when a window seat on a plane ends up having no window at all. But sometimes fortune gives us bonuses that we didn’t even expect, as if it’s trying to rehab itself for its previous absence.

We at Bright Side feel a bit jelly toward the characters of our compilation who didn’t expect these surprises from the universe that totally gave them a reason to smile.

“My pup dug up a truffle in the backyard.”

“I have seen many photos of someone having 2 yolks in an egg, a double ice cream, etc. I got my fortune the other day too.”

“I hit the jackpot again. The check-in attendant is a saint.”

“It’s my lucky day today.”

“The picture on the left is a painting we have had in our house for a while now, the picture on the right was taken last weekend. Took me until today to realize we took it at the perfect moment with the bird flying by in just the right spot.”

“I ordered a screen protector for an iPad from China. When placing the order, I was asked whether I wanted black or white glass. I chose black. Today I got the order.”

“Our old doormat fits perfectly into the entrance of our new place.”

That’s not a chocolate chip, but a chocolate boulder.

“I was scuba diving and felt something stabbing through my wet suit. The pawnshop confirmed it’s a real diamond.”

clean your nails! The fingernail on the diamond finger is nasty


“I’ve been working at my client’s house since 9, got done at 7, and as I was cleaning up she brought this out to me saying, ’You’ve been working here too long to have not eaten yet.’”

“Jacket saved my doughnut.”

“I’m a teacher and this week has been quite hectic. I went to a cafe for my weekly stress meal. They accidentally gave me an extra burrito.”

“Knocked my bowl yesterday... look where it landed.”

“My vanity mirror fell in my bathroom. It was saved from shattering by my toothbrush.”

“I bought a pack of rusks and hit the jackpot.”

“2 tattoos I got based on doodles I did.”

When was the last time you got a nice bonus from life?

Preview photo credit NickSzoke3 / Reddit


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