18 People Who Had an Unexpected Stroke of Luck

3 years ago

Perhaps, all of us have had lucky days when everything worked just perfectly. And when your life is full of small and big joys, you want to tell the whole world about it.

At Bright Side, we appreciate positive moments, and we’re sincerely happy for those lucky ones who just couldn’t hide their own jubilance.

“Today is my 40th birthday. I didn’t plan to celebrate it. The day before yesterday, I received a real gift.”

“This is Jean-Paul Belmondo’s autograph. To Denis, means to me. It feels so nice!”

“It was supposed to be 3 fried eggs. They are 3, but they have 7 yolks in them.”

“I was walking with my son, and we were discussing Christmas presents. Suddenly, we saw this miracle in the sky.”

“First day in the unit, and my bestie and I were each lucky enough to help welcome a new life into the world. Walking on sunshine!”

“I found a pearl in my dinner.”

“I don’t like to brag but I just found out I am the first one in my family to get accepted into college.”

“It’s my lucky day. It’s the first time I’ve gotten an avocado with such a small pit. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.”

“I ordered one set and got 2 in the mail. It’s my lucky day.”

“I got this heart-shaped fried pickle.”

“We rented a garage and began to clean all the old junk out of it. Suddenly we found this bag with 14 sets of pirates and American Indians. It was packed in 1993.”

“I accidentally found this stream while walking in the woods today. I didn’t know we had nature like this where I live.”

“This egg turned out the same shape as my bread.”

“I found this little Christmas tree while walking around in the woods.”

“I took a selfie with the International Space Station as it flew overhead last night.”

“I was gifted 5 pounds of unshelled pistachios for Christmas.”

“Someone threw out a bag of 2009–2011 Legos in our area. I took it, and I’m sorting it now.”

“I deliver Amazon part-time. I was at my final stop last night and this woman comes out saying, ’Wait I have something for you! I made baby Yoda cookies.’”

“I found this little guy screaming in a carton of produce at work, we are best friends now.”

Have you ever experienced a stroke of luck? Tell us in the comments below.

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I wouldn't want to build a whole set like this one, let alone 2 :D


Aw, I am so happy that this little doggie found a home... poor thing


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