20+ Lucky People Who Found Something Extraordinary at a Flea Market

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Beautiful, stylish, and designer items are often really costly. And while some people spend a fortune on them, others just go to flea markets or thrift stores and find real treasures for mere pennies.

“Blue caged bubble glass from an estate sale. Love a good blue glass haul!”

“I found this at an antique shop for $1 today. It’s a light blue Tahitian pearl set in 14K yellow gold.”

“The original retail price is $528.”

“My friends all thought I was crazy when I decided to buy my wedding dress at a thrift store.”

“I bought it for $80, and it had $1,500 tags on it.”

“My uncle, an art dealer, bought what he thought was an Andy Warhol poster at a thrift store for $20.”

“He thought it was a poster print, but when he was able to inspect it at home, he found it is in fact an original screen printing. This work is an early Warhol from the mid ’50s. That and the fact that it is Americana means this would probably sell for at least $250K at a reputable auction house.”

“I found the toilet of my dreams for just $40. It’s from the ’60s. My family thinks I’m crazy for not reselling it.”

“A guy at a yard sale was offloading his designer shoe collection for $15 a pair (including the Prada!). All are my size and my style. I bought 18 pairs!”

“Yin Yang coffee table that I got for $60! I’ve not seen it for less than $1,700 anywhere.”

“This handmade, fully beaded dress I snagged for $30 will fit in nicely at my sister’s Paris wedding this summer.”

This is a table lamp. And this is how it looks when it’s lit.


“I found a ring in a bin. It looked like an engagement ring. I took it to a jeweler, and they confirmed that it’s a diamond.”

“My assumption is that it’s 18K gold with platinum setting.”

It’s time to travel! You can’t stay at home with suitcases like these bought at a flea market.

“I found this beautiful teacup at a flea market for around 6 euro! This is porcelain from 1840.”

“I scored this pet stroller for $8.99. This is Lulu inspecting her new chariot.”

“I picked this ring up at yard sale over the weekend for $0.50. It was so dirty that I had to soak it for hours to find out it was a vintage yellow gold amethyst ring.”

A stained glass lamp with kittens — what could be cooler?

“The beautiful 14K gold necklace and blue topaz pendant found at yard sale for $1.00”

“The spice houses that I got for $20 at a yard sale”

“I bought a $180 Timmy Woods wooden rabbit purse for $4.99 at a thrift store. Although, I’ll be damned if I’ll ever find use for it. I just couldn’t leave it behind.”

“The nicest dragon sculpture I’ve ever found. I got it for $5. I love it.”

“I got this shirt for $2.99. It’s fate.”

“I bought a fish pendant at a flea market. It’s made from handmade sterling silver filigree. And it has a little hidden compartment.”

For many people, flea markets are a source of wonderful finds. Where else can you buy a mink coat for $1 or a diamond necklace for $3? Of course, not everyone discovers something extraordinary on their first try, but the catch is worth it.

Preview photo credit UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit


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