My MIL Tried to Get Me Pregnant and I’m Furious

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5 months ago

Many eagerly anticipate becoming grandparents, looking forward to sharing their warmth with little ones. However, some people may take this desire to a new level. Sally, a reader of Bright Side, reached out to us to share her story after her mother-in-law intruded on her privacy, believing her actions would aid her daughter-in-law in getting pregnant.

How would she feel if you did the same to her? NO ONE comes into my home uninvited. I would have just changed the locks and waited to see what she said about that; for starters.


Do you wonder why she feels she has to sneak? You could tell her that you are open to discussion, so that she can be more open with you. And let her know she will have to rebuild trust.


Hi Sally! Thanks for getting in touch, and we’re glad you’re honest with us. We’ve got some tips for you, and we hope you find them useful.

Educate together

Invite your mother-in-law to join you and your husband in attending a fertility education seminar or workshop. This can be an opportunity for both of you to learn more about the complexities of fertility and the recommended strategies for conception. It may help her understand that certain intimate items are not the sole factors influencing fertility.

Involve a neutral third party

Engage a family counselor or mediator to facilitate a conversation between you, your husband, and your mother-in-law. Having a neutral third party can help navigate the emotional aspects of the discussion and guide the family towards establishing healthy boundaries. It may also provide a safe space for everyone to express their concerns.

Create a private space

Designate a specific area within your home that is off-limits to your mother-in-law. Consider installing a lock on your intimate closet or storing personal items in a more secure location. This will not only protect your privacy but also send a clear message about boundaries.

Make a support plan

Develop a comprehensive fertility support plan with your husband. This can include scheduling regular updates on your fertility journey, attending doctor’s appointments together, and discussing the emotional aspects of the process. Sharing these details with your mother-in-law may help her feel involved without resorting to invasive measures.

Channel positive energy

Redirect your mother-in-law’s enthusiasm towards positive actions. Suggest alternative ways for her to support you, such as joining you in fertility-friendly activities like exercise or healthy meal planning. Encourage her to be an ally in the journey rather than focusing on unconventional methods that invade your privacy.

Managing connections within families can prove challenging, particularly as we establish our own households. Another Bright Side reader has shared her experience and seeks guidance on a matter involving her mother’s reluctance to care for her grandchild. Explore her letter and our advice here.

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